Tech giant Sony has released its financial summary for the final quarter of 2016. The results show that from its large range of products and services, only its gaming section and its semi-conductor products have seen a rise in profits.

The full summary of Sony’s performance makes for grim reading. In comparison to the final quarter from 2015, sales and operating revenue has fallen by 7.1%. Part of this is attributed to the impact of foreign exchange rates against the Yen, but when the figures are broken down into the various sections of Sony’s business, it shows poor performance from nearly all divisions.

Sony has involvement in many different services. From telephones to movies, and of course, gaming. Its gaming section (Gaming and Network Services) saw a 5.2% rise in operating revenue compared to 2015. This, alongside an impressive 16.9% rise from its semi-conductors division, represented the only positive results from the final quarter of the financial year.

Mobile Communications, Imaging Products and Solutions, Home Entertainment and Sound, Components, Pictures, Music, and Financial Services all saw losses in operating revenue. This is something that is bound to concern investors, board members, and staff involved in the massive corporation. For a business that is as diverse and global as Sony, it is not going to be able to rely on small successes from the likes of its consoles to keep its head above water.

Sony launched the improved version of its PlayStation 4 console, the PlayStation 4 Pro, towards the end of 2016. Sony’s main opponent in this field, Microsoft, is busy working on Project Scorpio, due for release towards the end of this year. This is also to be joined by Japanese rival Nintendo’s new Switch Console landing this March.

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