On January 24th, Stoic Studio started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the third and final chapter in the epic Banner Saga franchise. On January 30th, the campaign reached its initial goal of $200,000. Stoic celebrated by announcing the campaign’s first stretch goal: playable dredge units.

The dredge have been the main antagonists of the Banner Saga franchise since the first game. Previously, players only had access to human, varl (giant horned barbarians), and horseborn (norse centaurs) units. While Stoic Studio is more than happy to give players dredge allies, we do not know if these rogue dredge will play a part in the story or if they are just a fun little extra meant as a thank you gift.

Banner Saga 3 Dredge

In the Banner Saga, players take control of a band of heroes, mercenaries, and other characters, all trying to survive in a world that is dying a slow and painful death. The game series revolves around tough tactical combat and even tougher story decisions that affect the band’s morale, size, and resources. A player might decide to help a group of starving travelers, which will increase the number of units he or she has available for battle. But they will put a strain on already dwindling food supplies. Of course, those travelers could also be bandits that decide to steal the rest of that player’s food and kill two mercenaries in the process.

The Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to end on March 7th and Stoic Studio plans to release Banner Saga 3 in December of 2018.

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