While there are plenty of VR headsets on the market today, it still seems like there is a lack of games. For whatever reason, VR has not taken hold as a staple in a gamer’s household. Gabe Newell, the President and CEO of Valve, believes that VR is not just a gimmick, but a new way to express gameplay experiences like never before. He and Valve are looking to prove this idea from the ground up with a few games of their own.

A report from Eurogamer has confirmed that Valve is working on three complete VR games. Newell himself stated, “When I say we’re building three games, we’re building three full games, not experiments.” While not many details were given about these games, we know they are being built in Source 2 and Unity.

It has also been confirmed that they will not be VR versions of previous Valve titles. “One of the first things we did is we got Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress running in VR, and it was kind of a novelty,” said Newell. “That was purely a developer milestone, but there was absolutely nothing compelling about it, the same way nobody’s going to buy a VR system so they can watch movies.”

The idea of Valve working on brand new games in VR is one to be very excited about. They could be far off in the future, but we’re willing to wait.

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