In an exclusive with Game Informer, Nintendo has provided several new Zelda: Breath of the Wild screenshots, including some of systems we haven’t heard much about yet.

It seems despite the great size of the Breath of the Wild map, there will be a density to the game that we didn’t see in trailers and earlier gameplay videos. Horse travel won’t be a must, but it’ll be extremely convenient.

Other photos included in the exclusive include lightning striking a tree shows off a bit of the weather system we heard about last year; when lightning is nearby, players will want to unequip any metal items, so as to avoid getting shocked themselves.

We see Link with some huge bone creatures wielding spears longer than Link himself, with a caption implying its one of the environmental weapons that we can wield, despite the enormous size.

We also get a strange screenshot, of Link and Beedle, “While Breath of the Wild ditches many of the series long-standing tropes, familiar faces – such as the shopkeeper Beedle – still populate Hyrule.” The timeline-transcending character is coming back in another game to help out the hero.

All the new screenshots can be found on the Game Informer article, with more on their way in the official magazine.

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