Doji Educational Innovations has announced that their upcoming game, Coffee Noir, is set to release later this month. Launching on March 10th on PC, the game features graphics similar to those found in classic American comics and is also narrated in a way to sound like your typical crime novel.

Coffee Noir is an educational title that strives to improve management skills while also introducing players to certain concepts such as running a marketing team, finance management, and sales. These skills are used throughout the game as players interact with certain characters. Along with this announcement, the developers have also released a video showing off some of the gameplay found in Coffee Noir.

In a press release, the developers claim the game “combines the elements of economic strategy and crime novel with noir atmosphere,” while even going as far as to call it a “unique and efficient training tool.”

Doji Educational Innovations is an indie company based out of Poland and makes games with the stated goal of educating players on a variety of skills through incorporating the lessons in game mechanics. “Our games are the best proof that learning and fun are a perfect match.” Coffee Noir comes to PC March 10th.

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