Any gamer who has kept up with the multitude of shooters from Ubisoft will most likely have had their hand on one of the many Ghost Recon titles. It has been a little while since the series was in its prime, but from the looks of its newest installment, it may be coming back in a big way. Ghost Recon Wildlands is already making heads turn before it is even released.

In the game development these days, teams want to get the opinions of their audiences before it is too late. That is why they have a numerous open and closed betas for some of their larger titles. Ghost Recon Wildlands was no exception and the results left Ubisoft very proud. With a combination of open and closed betas, this shooter broke the developer’s previous record with 6.8 million players.

With such a large number of beta players, the total minutes played was over 2 billion. As a sign of audiences wanting to take advantage of good teamwork, more than 60 percent of players played cooperatively. Ghost Recon Wildlands is looking to be a great game to play with friends who want to help you take down the evil drug cartels. Get your copy when it hits stores on March 7th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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