The gaming community has recently been able to enjoy open and closed beta’s of the upcoming and ambitious title from Ubisoft, Ghost Recon Wildlands. Even though the game is the first in the Ghost Recon series to feature a huge open-world map with lots and lots to do for players, Ubisoft are already detailing the post launch schedule for their title, including what Season Pass owners can look forward to as part of their exclusive content.

Described on the Ghost Recon Wildlands news page, the post launch schedule includes two forthcoming DLC pieces that Season Pass owners will be able to enjoy a week ahead of their general releases.

Ubisoft also wants to remind players about the companion app, Ghost Recon HQ, available on Android and iOS devices. The app can act as a second screen to your experience when synchronized with the game, displaying your TacMap during both single-player and co-op modes. According to the developers, the app will also allow you to play in “Guerrilla mode” and gather resources as well as aid the rebellion. It also includes exclusive information about the area of Bolivia which is covered in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

The first series of challenges is also set to begin soon after the launch date of March 7th. For a month and a half, each week, players will be tasked with a different challenge to be completed either in solo mode, or as part of a task force. Some will even be a target to reach for the whole community. If successful, various rewards will be dished out for all participants. Ubisoft are also rewarding players who took part in the closed or open beta events with the Unidad Conspiracy exclusive add-on content, new missions set in the province of Media Luna. This content is set to become available in April.

The two DLC pieces announced are titled Narco Road and Fallen Ghosts. Narco Road is a set of fast-paced anti-smuggler missions featuring new vehicles, new weapons skins, side activities and a dozen missions to complete. Fallen Ghosts places you and your squad in danger after being shot down in enemy territory. You must use all your special forces skills to evade capture and escape.The DLC will become available to Season Pass owners a week in advance of the rest of the community.

Ubisoft also announced the surprise inclusion of a PvP adversary mode for Ghost Recon Wildlands. Expect dramatic and deadly clashes in 4v4 combat against other squads of human controlled opponents. The mode will be introduced through a free update in the the months after release.

More is set to be revealed in the coming weeks after the launch date of March 7th. Be sure to check back to Gamespresso for further updates.

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