While it seems like the world of virtual reality is something that many game developers are investing in for the future, some feel there is another reality to set their sights on. In this case, I am talking about augmented reality. Popularized by the ongoing Pokemon Go, augmented reality has players look at the real world through a camera, only to see digital changes around them. A new game from ATAT Tech called Project EvE is looking to embark on the augmented reality world, and it could be incredible.

Did you ever have a remote control car or some other toy growing up? Was that toy ever able to blast aliens out of the sky? I didn’t think so. With Project EvE, you get a physical robot that you control with your phone, tablet, or PC. Attached to the robot is a camera that reveals the alternate dimension, in which aliens are trying to invade your home planet.

It is up to you and Project EvE, Extradimensional Vehicular Explorer, to defend the world against these invaders. You’ll be able to upgrade within the game, or purchase physical upgrades to your robot that will be reflected within the title. Project EvE will be shown at PAX East this year and will eventually launch an IndieGoGo campaign. Keep an eye on this one if you want this idea to come to life.

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