Microsoft has announced that it will renew the $349 Xbox One promotion price once again, beginning on January 16 throughout the United States.

“The Xbox One deals were quite popular and have inspired a new promotion starting January 16 where fans in the US can buy an Xbox One for $349 at their preferred retailer,” Major Nelson said on his blog.

Nelson also revealed that the Xbox One was the best selling console in the US during December, according to the NPD. This makes it the second consecutive month the Xbox One has topped the PlayStation 4 in sales in the US.

When Microsoft was asked how long the new price drop promotion will last, a spokesperson replied with: “We are not going into depth on the life of the price promotion at this time, but we will share more details soon.”

  • They’d rather be in more homes and make 30% on XBLA and movies and stuff like that than not be in everyone’s home. Like a burglar in a neighborhood with plenty of houses.

    • Chandler Tate

      It just gets me when they keep saying this a promotional price. Obviously this is a prrmenant price drop, just for whatever reason microsoft is hesitant to admit it.

      • Not just that, but if people didn’t buy it in December, they won’t buy it in January either. Saying its permanent would make people say oh I’ll get the money in June and buy one. Saying its not makes people say dang. Runt or X-Bone, rent or X-Bone. X-Bone it is. We still have the TV in the Bentley we can use to hook it up when we get kicked out.

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