New details about the upcoming House of Wolves expansion for Destiny have emerged online, including a release date.

A reddit user, megamanexe4, managed to find out the unannounced release date for the DLC, which will allegedly unlocked on May 19, a Tuesday. This is the same day of the week The Dark Below released and is when the game resets.

Another leak earlier this week claimed we’d be seeing the expansion in March, but according to megamanexe4’s findings, only some of the content is scheduled to unlock then. They claim the majority of the new features will release in May.

Bungie community manager DeeJ was quick to make a statement on the game’s forum in response to the leak, saying “Leaks are fun. I totally get it. Please discuss to your heart’s content. All we ask is that you leave your mind open to the evolutions that are inevitable. What you see here are very old ghosts from our pre-launch database. These are not necessarily the wolves you’re looking for.”

What do you think of the leak? Is it valid? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Darren Wight

    I think bungie best look at there schedule compared to upcoming games destiny is already losing large amounts of players to new releases and the content at the moment might not be enough to hold peoples attention and money.

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