The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is an incredible game, according to pretty much everyone on the Internet. I wouldn’t know; I haven’t played it, but I have played Skyrim and I want you to let me know which game is better.

Gamespresso’s Chandler gave CD Projekt’s latest outing a respectable 9/10 in his recent review, pointing out that his only qualms with the game were its inconsistent story and an occurrence at the end of the game whereby if certain side quests haven’t been completed, they will disappear altogether.

Overall, it’s fair to say that the response has been extremely positive across the board with the majority of critics rating the game particularly highly, with many stating that it has knocked Bloodborne off the perch for the biggest/best game of 2015 so far.

But is it better than the massively popular fifth instalment to the Elder Scrolls series – Skyrim? According to Metacritic, the answer is no. Skyrim proudly sits on an average rating 96/100 (based on 89 verdicts) whilst The Witcher 3 falls a few digits below at 93/100 (but this is only based on 13 reviews). Since Skyrim was released in 2011, many gaming publications have removed review scores from their articles entirely, so there is that to take into account, but nevertheless the figures are overwhelmingly in favor of Bethesda’s beauty.

The next question is of course, should we even be comparing the two? Ok, so Skyrim might have a better rating on Metacritic, but that game came out four years ago. Nowadays if you go back and play Skyrim you will notice some of its flaws as gaming has moved on. In 2015, The Witcher 3 is probably the better game. Danny O’ Dwyer pointed out in a recent episode of The Point that The Witcher 3’s characters are so much more believable than Skyrim’s NPC’s whom merely offer hints at quest information whilst posed as statues as opposed to actually being believable human beings.

Ultimately, what it all boils down to is simple; if you have played both games, which have you had more fun with? Both Skyrim and The Witcher 3 are sprawling open world RPG’s with tons to see and do, but despite my thorough enjoyment with the fifth Elder Scrolls game, it all too often felt grey and lifeless, whereas the Witcher 3 looks to me like it has more vibrancy and atmosphere.

Alas, as I previously pointed out, I’m not the best person to judge since I am yet to play The Witcher 3. You folks are the experts so let me know what you think; is The Witcher 3 better than Skyrim?

  • aryman

    “is The Witcher 3 better than Skyrim?”
    – yes!

    • Zarbor

      Easy question, Easy answer…YES.

      • LOL

        Join you all: yes!

    • Karli2 Vega

      Skyrim < Witcher 3 < Skyrim with mods

      Based on youtuber hodilton's comparisons, both games look better than real life, but Skyrim had three years worth of mods making it the best fantasy sandbox. Let's just see where the modding community takes the Witcher.

      • Ahsan

        Witcher 3 is still better than Modded Skyrim

      • Jeremy

        Skyrim is a piece of shit. It’s wide as an ocean but as deep as a puddle. BTW, Witcher 3 is on PC and can be modded aswell.

      • Battle Mage

        Witcher with mods > Skyrim with mods, or it will be fairly soon. I’ll just say this: it took me two mods in Witcher to accomplish what fifteen mods never quite did in Skyrim when it comes to environment and graphics. Why? Because Witcher was that good right out of the box.

  • This is not really a fair question . Not because the games are not comparable, but because to judge a recently launched game and then compare it to an old one is a reckless attitude. There are many things that you can only see for a given experience after some time, at least some years.

    • Steve Wright

      I pointed that out in the article. Regardless, there is nothing wrong with comparing one thing with another older thing – if anything it goes to highlight how games have moved on. I’m not sure that ‘reckless’ is the best way to describe it in this context.

    • Mephisto

      It is some time since I finished the Witcher 3. I can compare it to older games, for example the incredible game Gothic 2. It is a similar game – single player, open world, action RPG. Gothic 2 is imho superior to Witcher 3, more freedom, world is more detailed, NPCs are living, game balance better atd.

      Skyrim is a wasted potential. Beautiful world crippled by cheap RPG mechanics.

      • Tylaris

        I love Gothic II and it will always be one of my favorite games, but your nostalgia is going through the roof here.

  • tplarkin7

    As a big Skyrim fan, I’d really like to know if W3 is equal or better. It’s a good question, because W3 is now an open world WRPG. Skyrim is a great example of a fun open world WRPG. After I got burned from DAI, I am waiting for the hype-dust to settle around W3 before I buy it.

    • John Brandon

      I honestly think it is much better. It is has a very nice world (and large) to explore, and everything feels alive. I also personally enjoy the combat far more. I have always felt that the Elder Scrolls games were lacking pretty hard in the combat section. For whatever it is worth from a total stranger, it is worth your time either now or at the very least when it goes on sale. best of luck

      • Steve Wright

        Thanks for the advice John!

    • Steve Wright

      Thanks for the feedback – did you enjoy Dragon Age Inquisition? I’m yet to play any of the DA games but have the second one installed on my hard drive.

      • tplarkin7

        I enjoyed the second one, and was able to finish it. It is not revolutionary, but it is fun. The first DA, I could not finish it. I played about 15 hours of the 1st and stopped. I played 25 hours of DAI, and was bored the whole time. I thought the characters were ugly and annoying. The gameplay was weak, and the level design was bad (as usual for a DA game). One level, you have stairs that lead to a second level, but you can’t walk up the stairs. You click on a portal button (like an elevator), the the second level loads. This was confusing and awful. DAI is a faux open world game. I spent 25 hours wanting it to improve, but it didn’t.

        • Steve Wright

          Haha wow, I can’t believe you managed to play it for 25 hours if you were bored – I would have given up after 5!

          • tplarkin7

            It was ‘almost fun’, if that makes sense. Maybe I wanted to meet some of the other characters before quitting. Rest assured, the game is bad.

            • Steve Wright

              Haha fair enough. I’ll probably get around to checking it out at some point in the future when it’s really cheap.

  • Jason Rice

    I don’t normally like to do this, but I have to ask: What kind of article is this?

    Your article leads with the idea that direct comparisons are going to be drawn between the two games, then have those comparisons measured. Yet the only research done is on Metacritic’s scoring metrics, and to top it, you’ve not even played half of the material that you’re putting into question.

    Perhaps it’s my fault for expecting something that would offer detailed discussion, but this feels like click bait.

    • Steve Wright

      You may not have noticed but this article was written in order to create discussion and get people to tell me which game is better – I merely directed the argument in the first place. Comparisons are made in the article and the idea is to get feedback from the community to see what they think and to engage in discussion.

      Moreover, who says I have to have played The Witcher 3? Does it not provide a more distinct perspective by having a different approach? Even without playing it I am able to judge and make an opinion on what I’ve seen, as we all do before any game comes out.

  • Timothy James

    I would def have to say TW3, even being a huge Elder Scrolls fan…

    • Steve Wright

      Interesting! What makes you sway towards The Witcher 3 then?

      • Ahsan

        Its just a better game simply.

  • Buell2140

    Everyone is quick to jump to the yes conclusion however comparing the two is apples to oranges. I would hope a game 4 years newer is better however I do notice a lot of twins in witcher 3 NPCs and I don’t recall any NPC twins in skyrim. Just last night ran into two NPCs in W3 side by side same voice tattoos and bald head one was blacksmith the other would say one thing. That being said mark my words the elder scrolls 6 will blow witcher 3 away. It will learn from old mistakes. Utilize the new systems and get a lot of ideas from the witcher now that the bar has been set for RPGs. No loading screens, huge open world (hopefully even bigger than witcher 3) so before trolls attack this page don’t get my comment wrong I love witcher 3 and will be going to put more hours into it today but skyrim was equally a great game just more so in 2011 when released.

    • Buell2140

      Just to elaborate twin Npcs I notice a lot of the same faces same hair same voices same motions occasionally they change the hair color or clothing. But I have seen the same bowl style hair on at least 15 men NPC and don’t get me started on the dwarves they are all twins cleaver and zoltan must be long lost brothers.

      • Steve Wright

        Just to counter the argument, I’m going to hazard a guess that there are considerably more NPC’s in Witcher 3 than Skyrim? That goes some way to justifying the repetition you could argue.

        • Buell2140

          And to add to the NPC debate I can understand that for sure but to run into 2 twins side by side literally same tattoos and apron is pretty strange but that could be as simple as a glitch. Would be nice to add some different faces in a patch if possible if not still a great game

          • Steve Wright

            Yeah, these things are bound to occur in a game this big. As long as they don’t detract from the overall experience it’s not a huge deal.

      • Jeremy

        Skyrim also has about 10 actors doing all the voices.

    • Steve Wright

      Thanks for your balanced comment! Man, you’ve got me hyped for Elder Scrolls VI already! How long do you think until we’ll be getting our hands on it? I’ll predict as far away as 2018/19 unfortunately.

      • Buell2140

        Unfortunately u may be correct elder scrolls online I think may be the culprit making the wait longer that and fallout 4 but still will be a great game especially that far into the new console generation they will get alot out of that game. And my previous comment was balanced and accurate. You really can’t compare the two because of the age difference but here’s to a good year and good games on the way for both consoles and PCs. And who knows maybe the next elder scrolls will be announced at e3 let’s hope

        • Steve Wright

          Ah yes, good point. Unfortunately TESO never really took off due to its steep asking price. To be honest, I’ll happily play Fallout 4 until Elder Scrolls VI comes out!

    • Jeremy

      Apples and oranges my ass. Comparing Witcher 3 to Arkham Knight is apples and oranges.

      • Buell2140

        I don’t even know how to respond to your ignorant comment. You have replied to a post I remarked ,quite accurately on, two months ago. It is apples to oranges and for the simple reason there is four years between the games. They are for different systems. They use different engines and were developed by different developers. It is as apples to oranges as…. well apples to oranges and your either a naïve little infant troll who doesn’t know any better or you have no experience whatsoever playing either game. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to go eat an apple and orange and go away from a post I commented on 2 months ago. My recommendation to you is play the games enjoy the games and realize differences. The games are very similar and very different but are not comparable due to a time difference any game made in this day will be better in ways than a game made four years ago. Common sense

  • Flying Goat

    I’d say Skyim is a lot better, though I like both games. Almost everything in The Witcher 3 not marked by a question mark is just dead space – I found Skyrim much more fun to just wander around randomly in. Yes, it’s a bit of a run from map marker to map marker, but there are interesting things to be seen between the markers, and a marker isn’t just a random mass of loot guarded by a couple beasties. Skyrim’s miscellaneous combat encounters feel more varied.

    Witcher’s writing for sidequests is certainly better, and has more personality, and the hunting quests are really fun (Combat there is also great – it’s just all the combat with wolves/bandits/downers/things that aren’t much different from downers that seems repetitive).

    Skyrim was the first Elder Scrolls game to have an actually interesting intro. Witcher 3 does better than the others, but continues with the trend of starting with extremely confusing intro with characters you know nothing about. (The first Witcher game gave you amnesia…which is a nice trope to get the PC and the main character at the same spot, in terms of knowledge….But then skips months as the main character gets to know everyone again, which kinda defeats the point, but I guess that’s another issue completely).

    • slayerming1 .

      WHAT?! You actually like the intro of Skyrim? I for one hated the fact that I had to watch a full 10 minute cutscene where I couldn’t do anything. And than choose a “class”, and than walk around even more and still not able to do anything. Why would you want to create a new class when you have to deal with this intro every time!? Not to mention Skyrim was streamlined as hell, and some people barely consider it an rpg. That with the terrible combat, boring world, boring story, etc. By far the worst elders scroll game.

      • Flying Goat

        “Like” is a bit strong…When the pack consists of the Witcher series and the Elder Scrolls series, the bar for an intro is quite low. The whole non-skippable thing is definitely evil, but I prefer it to non-skippable loading screens. It’s sometimes faster to find some monsters to kill you and reload then than to just reload in the Wticher 3.

        I agree that Skyrim’s story was uninteresting. Skyrim’s combat wasn’t great, but much less repetitive. I certainly preferred Morrowind to Skyrim (Morrowind is the only Elder Scrolls game where I actually finished the main plot), and Skyrim’s inventory UI is among the worst known to mankind, but I still found just wandering around in Skyrim much more fun.

        • slayerming1 .

          I mean loading screens is just a problem with the hardware. It never takes my pc longer than a few seconds, but I have two ssds. Not bragging, everything else on my laptop is pretty mediocre now a days. Plus Skyrim technically isn’t nearly as impressive as witcher 3 is, hence why the loading times aren’t as good. Did you enjoy daggerfall?

          • Flying Goat

            Loading screens aren’t a problem with hardware when it takes maybe 3-4 seconds to load a save when I die, but 20+ seconds to load the exact same save from the load menu. While my system isn’t new, it also has two SSDs (Well…3, actually, but I never use one of them). I suppose I do have enough RAM to put the Witcher 3 on a RAM drive, though I’m skeptical if that will help much.

            I never was a fan of Daggerfall – a huge randomly generated world with randomly generated quests just didn’t hold my interest.

            Witcher 3’s graphics are better, sure, but I play games for their gameplay. As long as they have reasonable graphics, I’m happy. I could never play Daggerfall now, because of the graphics. Morrowind, however, I could probably happily play, if I hadn’t spent so much time playing it back when it came out.

            • slayerming1 .

              That’s really weird, maybe you should have your hardware checked. I know consoles are having long loading times, but pc has being consistently only a few seconds from what I’ve heard.

              Non of the main story of Daggerfall was randomly generate at all. At what made daggerfall amazing was the numerous classes and options you had in it which is something we don’t see at all in modern gaming.

              I wasn’t talking about the graphics. I could care less about the graphics. I was talking about technical things like the fact there aren’t many load screens, how detailed the world is, etc.

        • Steve Wright

          Don’t get me started on Skyrim’s inventory management. I’m sure that having to scroll through lists of cheese wedges was partly my fault but still…

  • Evan Hyatt

    I would say I like the Witcher 3 more. Having played through Skyrim twice, and only logged about 25 or so hours in the Witcher, it just seems more fleshed out — better graphics (obviously, it’s newer), better story, better combat, better world layout and more attention to detail.

    I think the real reason I like the Witcher 3 more though, is that I can’t stop thinking about it. I look things up about it while on break at work (like right now), I think about it as I’m falling asleep, driving, mowing the lawn, even when I’m working out. I never did that with Skyrim. I played Skyrim a lot, but while I wasn’t playing it, I didn’t think about it. I guess the Witcher just seems more personal and I can’t wait to get back to that world.

    • Steve Wright

      Thanks for your comment Evan! It’s definitely a good sign if a game has you doing that and I know what you mean. Whenever I’m really enjoying a game (or any form of entertainment really) I tend to look things up on it because I can’t wait to get back to playing it. Only problem with that is the fear of spoiling too much for myself.

  • Conrad Adams

    I have not played TW3, nor do I plan to. Why not? From all I’ve seen, the game play is solid, the world is huge and beautiful, and the NPCs are about as believable as it gets. However, it looks like it’s lacking a few things that Skyrim achieves. One, a first-person mode. I can’t get immersed in a third-person fantasy game, as awesome as it may look (here’s looking at you, Shadow of Mordor). Two, exploring Skyrim gives the me the sensation of something JonTron might call “childlike wonder and fun.” Sure, the combat might not be that realistic (being slightly more nuanced than I might be given a real sword and shield), and sure, the NPCs can wind up sounding the same after you’ve played for 50 hours, but that doesn’t keep the player from having a dang fun time- a fun time that appears to be missing from the Witcher, in spite of its beauty. Still aren’t a fan? Another great thing about Skyrim is that, if you have anything you don’t like about the game, there’s likely a mod for it- or you can make your own! I’ve had Skyrim for about a year, got it for the PC recently, and two days ago started working in the Creation Kit. Two days I’ll never get back, but fun all the same.

    Bottom line is, I’m not necessarily someone you should ask this question to. My experience with Skyrim is likely more recent than many, though, and it’s still fresh to me. TW3 may look good, but I’ll keep kicking around in Tamriel, mowing down dragons.

    • Steve Wright

      That’s a fair enough assessment, Conrad. I can understand what you mean about the first-person perspective – it definitely makes a game world more immersive. Not being a game designer I have no clue how hard it would be to implement a first person perspective into every third person game, but that would be super handy – just look at how it gives a different feel to GTA V.

      I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Danny O’Dwyer’s show – The Point – that he hosts for Gamespot but he did an episode once regarding how GTA V’s first person mode makes you feel more like a criminal and therefore more guilty.

    • Jeremy

      “One, a first-person mode. I can’t get immersed in a third-person fantasy
      game, as awesome as it may look (here’s looking at you, Shadow of

      THIS is just a stupid comment.

      “Two, exploring Skyrim gives the me the sensation of something JonTron might call “childlike wonder and fun.”

      Skyrim, where you explore boring copy and paste dungeons with puzzles that they give you the answer to you, where you go through just to get a shitty enchanted weapon/armor this worse than what you already have. There is nothing worth finding in Skyrim.

  • Jason Clarke

    Can easily say the witcher 3 is better than skyrim, its an incredible game that if given some love over the next year or so can become just as incredible in a few years. It suffers at the moment with graphical hitches, noticeable ones rather frequent but when you step back and consider how rich the game world is you simply cant fault it glitches or not because of how brilliant it is.

    Now skyrim was a brilliant game i loved it and oblivion also, spent countless hours stuck as a vampire hunting for a cure at night, gaming gold right there and the witcher delivers this incredible depth in droves. The world simply feels alive, i have literally roamed a small percentage of the map over around 30 hours now and the amount of interesting things and quests ive found is awesome. You simply dont get bored roaming in this game, fast travelling is simply not an option you feel must be there even tho the world is huge.

    The reason skyrim was rated so damn high is because back when released the depth was incredible making it the most amazing gaming experience at the time, i truely believe if you loved skyrim the witcher 3 is that incredible wow all over again.

    On another note i can honestly say i have not been as hooked on a game as i am with the witcher since the likes of… Shenmue for the dreamcast, that is my all time favourite experience playing a game and the witcher 3 is really up there.

    The only downsides besides the graphical hitches are maybe a lot of the underwater world is bland and empty, i only notice this because coming from gta5 which was full of fish and life its quite noticeable, theres plenty of sunken treasure and shipwrecks to explore it just lacks life but i honestly cant see how they can implement this as the on land content is just so massive. Also i find general control of horses and swimming to be a bit slow and clunky but its not something that takes away from the game, just like the crap fighting never took away from the elder scrolls titles, in fact the swordplay in the witcher is pretty awesome, when our man draws his weapons i find myself egging myself on like a crazy badass warrior, cracking stuff mate, get the damn game and enjoy it.

    Excuse the long winded answer but its simply what i felt needed to be said.

    • Steve Wright

      Thanks for the mini-review Jason! You’ve definitely sold it to me. The Witcher 3 sounds like one of those games in which I’d just want to switch off the HUD and enjoy walking around the world for hours on end! Keep having fun with the game – I hear there’s plenty more to see and do if you’re ‘only’ 30 hours in 🙂

      • Battle Mage

        I switched off the hid as soon as I learned how to play. Have not regretted it. Very immersive.

    • Jeremy

      Skyrim was hardly brilliant.

  • Carter Gay

    I’m a huge fan of Skyrim and I think there’s pluses and minuses with both.

    Skyrim advantages:
    * Objects and Inventory: Elder scrolls games do a great job of making it seem like you can pick up everything, even things that aren’t worth collecting. It becomes more of a choice on what to pick up and what not to. Also having your own home to store items in rocks. I also like the way you can place items in various positions to decorate your home. This is something the Witcher 3 completely lacks.
    * I haven’t gotten far enough in the Witcher 3 to determine this 100%, but crafting and enchanting items seems a lot better and more straight forward in the Elder Scrolls games. I don’t like that the most powerful weapons in Skyrim were ones that you crafted and enchanted, I wish there were some more powerful ones to find, but regardless the process of getting good at crafting and enchanting was great and totally a big part of what I love in Skyrim.
    * Character customization: Obviously better in Skyrim, in the Witcher 3 you’re stuck with Geralt & Ciri. I haven’t gotten far enough to see all of the variations of armor, but I doubt it will be quite as well done as Skyrim.

    Witcher 3 advantages:
    * Combat is way, way better in the Witcher 3. I think 3rd person combat simply has an advantage over 1st person combat (though 3rd person is possible in Skyrim, it sort of sucked). However, even with 1st person combat, the Elder Scrolls just didn’t do a good job in that area.
    * It’s a newer game on a newer platform, so the graphics are definitely an improvement. I’m sort of sick about hearing complaints over the graphics gliches, it’s a beautiful game on console and the PC.
    * The story in the Witcher 3 is better in my opinion. Plus it’s really cool how much the decisions you make affect the world, which wasn’t really the case in Skyrim.
    * I’m not a huge fan of cut scenes, but the Wticher 3 makes pretty good use of them. I sort of like that Skyrim was pretty free of cut scenes though, it’s sort of just a different approach. It may have hurt the story there though.

    • Steve Wright

      Thanks for your comment Carter. I feel as though bad character customization and strong story go hand in hand in some respects. It’s as though The Witcher 3 is bound to have a better story than Skyrim because it doesn’t have character customization so the character’s and the world around them are more focused. Regardless, part of the beauty of Skyrim and really any Bethesda game is just making up your own stories.

  • RemyDelite

    Skyrim > The Witcher 3. Because I believe in gameplay > everything else.

    The combat in The Witcher 3 is meh – not good! Signs are unsatisfying until you play as Ciri but she only has a small role in the game, which I really wish there was more of her but for story reasons I understand. The combat very cheap/aging mid 90’s to early 2000 and isn’t fun to play. Hit detection is a big problem in this game to. I really wish CDPR took the combat aspect from the batman games like how they took the “Bat sense” which is a ridiculous feature, and that would have made the combat so much more fun, and challenging. Skyrim has a variety with it’s combat and gives you the option to build who want to be, which is unfair to compare it to The Witcher 3 because The Witcher 3 is story driven while Skyrim is not, so the option to create that freedom in The Witcher 3 isn’t there. The combat in Skyrim is more satisfying, and Skyrim has a more robust leveling system and skill tree than in The Witcher 3.

    The story quest in The Witcher 3 drags on so badly, and it’s even worst when you don’t like any of characters in the game. The game is also not diversified, which is a problem for me since I like to see more just white faces. Side content is tedious and feels like your putting so much work in, but getting little in return. With Skyrim your in out with a general understanding of the story quest, and general understanding of what needs to be done, that it! You put the work in, and get rewarded. No 10min dialogue, or annoying loading storyteller screens, just get it done, that it! Skyrim characters are also pretty bad, but again Skyrim isn’t story driven, so that expected.

    I’m not a CDPR fanboy, and I’m not going to let my personal feeling with DRM and how I agree with there stance deter me from saying how I truly feel about The Witcher 3. Maybe down the line when some better mods (particularly gameplay mods) are release I may buy this game, but until then Skyrim is my game of choice.

    • Steve Wright

      Thanks for your comment Remy. You mention how you enjoy Skyrim’s approach to simply quest-giving. I just wanted to point out that a lot of people enjoy The Witcher 3 because of those pieces of storytelling – it helps to add some sort of lore to side quests, thus making them feel more substantial, than a simple fetch quest.

      But of course, each to their own. 🙂

    • Ahsan

      Skyrim’s gameplay was utter garbage! Witcher 3 preperation system, sins were far more interesting. Atleast there was a challenge to Witcher 3, while in Skyrim, you can become the most powerful thing ever and nothing can stop you which makes the game a breeze.
      Witcher 3 > Skyrim

      • AJF

        Turn the difficulty up. Don’t play on easy.

      • AJF

        Turn the difficulty up. Don’t play on easy.

  • LoganWV

    Not focusing on the technical aspect at all is a requirement if you are going to compare these games. Skyrim still looks good (with or without mods) but the environment, that is the immersion factor (mods not included), is lacking when compared to Witcher 3. There are many ways to influence the world you are a part of in W3, while in Skyrim what you see the first time you play is what you can expect each and every time after. The story in W3 is also WAYYY more mature/dark which in my mind creates more realism and in a sick way is more enjoyable. The combat system (getting slightly technically biased here) is also very fluid and you have to learn how to approach each battle differently depending on what is in front of you which is a huge refresher from the “left click or right click as fast as you can to beat every Skyrim enemy” that has gotten oh so old. Your skill in handling Geralt will be apparent and you feel like you’ve become better with you RL skills in addition to your in game ones. I mean really, even my niece can best most of the enemies in Skyrim at this point using the tried and true turbo click method above and this is her FIRST game. To sum it up, when my 6 year old niece wants to play a game, Skyrim is a sure bet but when 29 yr old uncle wants to play a game, you can bet it’s W3 that I’ll be enjoying.

    • Steve Wright

      Haha fair enough, thanks for your comment Logan. From what I’ve seen The Witcher 3’s combat definitely seems a lot more fleshed out and in hindsight it surprises me that Skyrim received all the plaudits it did given how mediocre the combat was. I guess most people were just amazed at everything else in the game and were able to overlook it.

      • Jeremy

        Not hard to have combat more fleshed out than Skyrim to be fair, it was mindless hack and slash.

  • Phil

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of Kingdom come deliverance , if not I advise you look at the trailer because it seems it may tailor to many people problems with both the witcher 3 and skyrim.

    • Steve Wright

      That game does look pretty neat – thanks for your advice Phil!

  • millslane

    Being an elderscrolls fanboy, I viewed skyrim as a flop even though it was a commercial success. This game beats skyrim on story for sure. It also wins on graphics as it should because it is designed for a new generation of hardware. However modded skyrim wins on textures, but not draw distance of objects, buildings, and people or foliage density/draw distance.

    I vote witcher 3. I was bored of vanilla skyrim in a few hours when I realized that the unique items were lame. Witcher 3 makes almost every corner of the world worth checking.

  • ryan witcher

    Elder scrolls 3 morrowind was the first game that captured my soul. Many times passing out with the controller in my hand, i could never get enough. It has made me search for those qualities in an open world rpg. Witcher 3 is doing that too. Im blown away by the vast beauty and massive area to have fun. Ive locked so much time in game and havnt really started the main quest. Im having so much fun killing random animals, looting friendlys homes, gwenting, and smiting monsters. This game has finally made me happy that i got a ps4. Dont just take my word…go to twitch and watch the game as others play, and keep moving to other game channels to observe the wonder of witcher3.

    • ryan witcher

      Enhancement…..Skyrim was ok, I did get bored during gameplay which made me hurry to finish. In morrowind i did everything and Wanted to do everything i could in the game…basically morrowing made me buy oblivion and skyrim. Witcher does have a couple of issues if i wanted to nik-pick. Im sure they will fix it to make a place for witcher to store stuff in a home, chest, or crate. During combat jump disappears leaving u to roll using same button. So far thats my issues. Witcher 3 destroys Skyrim. Better looking, better geared toward adult play, choices truly matter, bigger in places to go, and still havent seen how big thev2 expansions will make the already huge world are just some reasons that Witcher takes the cake.

      • Jeremy

        Skyrim was never great.

  • LOL

    Combat here is wonderful: In the skyrim I wouldn’t even mind to engage enemies what are significantly higher in their ranks. And TW3 here exploits it is open world game: just use horse, then attack, quick withdrawl, repeat. May sounds a little boring from my words but this is quite a fun in fact and not that simple. Too bad I am currently at the level where monsters are not a real problem anymore.

    • Jeremy

      “And TW3 here exploits it is open world game: just use horse, then attack, quick withdrawl, repeat”

      Psst, it’s the same in Skyrim.

  • Ryan Stahley

    How could the witcher 3 possibly be better than skyrim?!? I’ve played both and the witcher is boring, especially after playing dragon age inquisition. dragon age and the witcher feel too much the same to me, plus neither of these two games combat, looting, level progression nor quests are as fun as any in the elder scrolls or fallout franchises. I dont even see how The Witcher is even in the same conversation….

    • Ahsan

      Its not your type of game. IMO, I found skyrim to be horrible. Not cause it was boring but its story was horrible. The quests got tedious after a while and only a few were interesting. Witcher 3 does the quest system much better than Skyrim, now that I think about it, Witcher 3 does everything better than Skyrim.

  • Mephisto

    Skyrim was boring for me. The game mechanics were completely broken (monsters leveling with you, no real challenge), the quests were boring as hell, fetch this, fetch that, kill this, kill that. The story was boring. The loot was boring. The combat was boring.

    Witcher 3 ….. 9.5/10
    Skyrim …… 7/10
    Oblivion …… 8/10
    Morrowind … 9/10
    Pillars of Eternity 8.5/10

  • Travis David

    Witcher 3 is boring as hell specially with its protagonist. Comparing a 4 year old seems fair nowadays.

    • Ahsan

      Ofcourse you would find it boring. Its too complex for you. Not enough dragons and ridiculous storylines revolving around dragonborns and crap.

  • Tylaris

    Time does make a difference in certain aspects of the game, but did anything prevent Bethesda to create a strong story, characters, more immersive and realistic environment design etc, etc…four years ago?
    There are a very few things that Skyrim does better than Witcher, such as micro interaction and Fantasy Sims elements…but in almost everything else, Wild Hunt blows it away.
    But here’s the thing…In almost everything it does, Skyrim is an incredibly shallow and superficial game.
    Yes, you can choose a different race for different characters…but you won’t have any different dialogue or quest options, no backstory, or experience different disposition by other Npc’s toward you…in the end, nothing more than cosmetic change. Compare Skyrim with any of Troika games and you’ll chuckle at it’s “roleplaying”.
    Yes, you have unlimited freedom to pursue any questline you wish at any order you choose…but in the end it is meaningless, as it has no different impact on the game, as there is no interaction between them. Compare this to Alpha Protocol and you’ll laugh at Skyrim’s “freeedom”.
    The same is with the Skyrim’s marriage/house building “system”, becoming a Thane/Guildmaster, etc, etc….so much content, but without any kind of depth and point behind it.
    Going back to Skyrim after Wild Hunt, would be like going back to kindergarten.

    • Mark Dunstan

      I don’t agree, which is why it’s subjective – I don’t feel anywhere near immersed in Witcher 3 than Skyrim. Witcher 3 feels like a game – Skyrim feels more real (maybe it’s the first person perspective) – I just don’t feel anywhere near as immersed travelling Witcher 3 landscape compared to Skyrim. some of it is a bit shallow and could do with more depth, but even then Skyrim just feels better.

      I’m really enjoying Witcher 3 at the moment, but it doesn’t stop me from going back to Skyrim more often.

      • Tylaris

        You see, my problem with Skyrim world’s design is exactly that it feels like a game, compare to Witcher.
        There is no sense of strong composition… dungeons, bandit camps are simply stuffed all around without any logic or reason behind it…simply to make the world seem “filled”. On the other hand, “cities” such as Solitude, had no farmland or water supply to sustain them…it was like a big box in which Bethesda crammed all it’s engine models together and called it a “world”. Witcher followed the example of Red Dead Redemption and can feel at times a bit more sparse….but it gives a far greater sense of place and it’s design is more cohesive…like a painting done by an artist who always has overall picture in his mind and everything flows seamlessly together.
        Also…the design is more immersive and realistic…everything in Skyrim looks “too clean” and arranged in unnatural symmetrical composition and perfect angles. In Witcher, peasant houses are dirty, worn down and made of cheap materials…fences are bent and broken… streets, characters, buildings in poor districts reflect their poverty in their appearance( no clash in wealth between different districts/classes…and portrayal of racism and war in Skyrim is simply childish)…compare two tents&wheel stone “military camps” in Skyrim with fortified camps, massive palisade, tents, watchtowers in Witcher, people in cities/settlements are far more active etc…etc…

        • Mark Dunstan

          Settlements are more active and the look and feel is amazing in Witcher – but perhaps it’s the third person perspective, which immediately makes things less immersive for me that does it. Either way, Witcher 3 still feels like a game when I’m moving around, whilst Skyrim makes me feel like I’m actually walking the world. I think it also has to do with the differences of the rpgs in question and their goals, Geralt doesn’t feel like my character, whereas the character I am in Skyri
          m does.

          • Battle Mage

            I wonder when a brilliant modder will make a first person camera for Witcher?

  • Melangel

    Coming to this discussion quite late but having finished Witcher 3 now I feel I can make a more educated assesment than previously.

    Both games have superb scenery, Skyrim is more fantasy, Witcher 3 has more of a dirty medieval feel to it, both are good.

    General feel of the game before the end of main quest – Witcher 3 is superior due to its moral ambiguity and no black/white choices but shades of grey.

    Main quest story – superior in Witcher 3 overall but rushed at the end.

    smaller sub quests = varied, in both some are more interesting and immersive than others.

    the dialogue, esp Geralts is superior, I love his sardonic humour.

    I love the small “in” jokes in Witcher 3, the peasants who do the Life of Brian “up he comes and cures me”, the halfling grumbling that his name isn’t Baggins. The prostitude doing the “material girl” line. I have sometimes walked away giggling about it.

    However where Witcher 3 fails is after the main quest.

    I have played Skyrim for hundreds of hours after the main quest has been finished. I live where I was based, with my significant other, a couple of adopted kids and maybe a follower and a pet dog. I have my horse and can waltz off round the world exploring and completing small radiant quests – nothin major but often quite fun, can visit people in the various guilds, chat to the mages, chat to the greybeards to get these quests, then I can return to my home area, unload the loot in small shops and go home to partner and kids, read a book or whatever. It keeps me interested enough to return to for a few hours every week or so, and all of that is without any mods.

    Once the main questline is completed in Witcher 3, no matter what line you take or what the outcome is, you are alone and will forever be so. None of the main characters, if they are still there like Dandelion, will interract in any meaningful way, most of them aren’t around at all, your love interest has vanished, you have nowhere to call your own, no followers or quests which allow anything more than the most superficial interactions.

    Don’t get me wrong – I love both games – but for the continued interest after main quest I would have to go with Skyrim and am looking forward greatly to the next Elder Scrolls title.

  • Garrett D Ferrell

    I LOVE Witcher 3 and it is definitely the best game I’ve play since Skyrim but is it better than Skyrim??…HELL NO..Skyrim kept me if front of my tv for damn near a year straight.there were days I literally woke up and turned on my Xbox around 8am and didn’t turn it off until was addictive and held my attention in away I haven’t experienced since I was a child playin Zelda:A Link to the Past..of course there was somethings I liked better about Witcher 3,for example I LOVE how dark Witcher 3 is.I love how damn near everywhere you go there are bodies hanging from trees..I love seeing Witches burned,people’s heads and other body parts chopped of and I found it interesting how it actually had real sex scenes.Overall Witcher 3 isn’t very far behind Skyrim IMO and they will both always be 2 of my all time favorite games

  • Stephen Haws

    Many hours with Skyrim; new to Witcher 3 with only a few hours. But so far, Skyrim is the better game.

    1. I can make my character in Skyrim, and when playing I FEEL that I am that character. Real role play. No so in Witcher 3. So far, I feel that I am basically watching (a movie) of some other character: Geralt. In fact, we are watching a movie about Geralt. At this point, I don’t even consider Witcher 3 to be role playing.

    2. The combat in Skyrim seems much more realistic. I’m primarily a sword person. I control every swing of the sword and block/bash with the shield. And no foolish acrobatics. Combat in Witcher 3 doesn’t have that feel.

    3. I can interact with items in the world in Skyrim more so than in Witcher 3. Skyrim allows you to pick-up or move most objects, sit on chairs at your discretion, it even has houses. I feel much less interaction in Witcher 3.

    4. Skyrim has a beautiful world. Although not as new, it still has great graphics.

    5. I have less enjoyment when setting out across the world in Witcher 3.

    6. Finally, I still don’t know what the heck I’m supposed to be doing in Witcher 3, or what it’s point is. But just running around, Skyrim is more satisfying.

    Maybe things will change with more hours, but Skyrim is going to be tough to beat. It’s ONLY real downside is familiarity.

    • Battle Mage

      Role playing is about ROLE playing a character. Just because you didn’t create the character doesn’t mean it isn’t role playing, lol. Also I don’t see how in the world Skyrim combat is more realistic. Hitting a mammoth consists of swinging your sword near it without actually touching, there are no repostes, no counter attacks, no dodging attacks. Skyrim combat is universally criticisized. Makes me wonder about the impartiality of your post.

  • PetroX

    The fact that you even compare an 2011 game with an 2015 game says much about the greatness of Skyrim! I have close to 1000h in Skyrim,and close to 250 in Witcher 3.

    Personally,I liked Skyrim better. The story feels more epic than W3 story does. I Think Skyrim will forever be the best game ever made (personal taste)

    • Ascherit

      …..Mate by the hours you give that would mean, if we went by ratio, you gave witcher 3 more hours for the time it’s been out.

      • PetroX

        You Would be right if i still played Skyrim,which i dont. Also i believe i played Skyrim more intensively when that came out,than i Did with witcher. However,i played through Hearts of stone se weeks ago and was reminded of what amazing storytellers CDPR has. Witcher 3 storywise might be better,but still Skyrim somehow felt more “epic”

        • Ascherit

          They have different places in my heart.
          Skyrim had my “This is….New” spot, which is irreplaceable, while Witcher 3 has my “This is the most immersive and epic yet” spot.

          • PetroX

            Yes! Thats what i tried to say ?

  • Battle Mage

    Just bought Witcher 3, and it is what I spent weeks modding trying to get Skyrim to be.

    1. Graphics: right out of the box it looks like the highest quality ENB settings for Skyrim. Comes with depth of field, great distance drawing, great lighting, much more realistic looking plants, more dynamic environments, etc.

    2. Environment: this is where the Witcher really crushes Skyrim. Where Skyrim has some chickens, Witcher has chickens, roosters prancing about, geese of different colors, huge flocks of birds, etc. Where Skyrim has some kids that walk or run around, Witcher has kids throwing rocks at things, high wiring on stuff, playing swords, splashing around in a puddle while sitting on the ground, singing, and sprinting or jumping around. Where Skyrim has some NPCs working at a mill or on a tanning rack, Witcher has all that PLUS guys sitting around smoking pipes, guys fishing with fishing poles on a dock (and some in little boats), women doing laundry the old plunge and scrub method down by the beach, drunk guys stumbling around, guys shooting birds with a bow, whores dancing around, etc. All with far superior animations.

    And then it has the occasional hanged corpse and burnt and pillaged town, complete with sobbing peasants, men, women and children alike. The ambience is so much deeper. Unlike Skyrim, when you walk around it truly feels like a war torn world reeling from conflict and loss.

    And when animals attack in villages, you don’t see every peasant pull out a knife and fight bravely to the death. YOU SEE PANIC! Realistic panic. People run and scream, children sob, and people die. It’s so much more immersive.

    And FARMS! Actual farms to sustain a city, not a garden in someone’s back yard. You have a road in the wilderness that leads to vast farm lands, and as you travel the population gets more and more heavy, more structures appear, until you finally reach the actual village or city. So much more thought went into building these immersive environments. There is SO much more depth! Granted, you can do more different things in Skyrim, but they lack depth in comparison to Witcher. Skyrim = quantity, Witcher = quality.

    3. Enemies are far more interesting and believeable in their motion. In Skyrim, dragon battle tactics against you started and ended with flying in circles and breathing fire (or ice etc), landing and doing the same, then walking and biting. When I fought a griffin, it flew by and tried to swipe at me with its feet (I rolled out of the way at the last instant), if flew by and tried to bite, it landed and swiped at me with its clawed wings, it ran and tried to eat me, it tried to fly and smash me by landing on me, and it stood up on two legs and did some sort of psyonic attack. The battle was far more varied than any in Skyrim. Not to mention the animations were far more fluid and natural.
    Wolf packs are significantly better as well. First of all, there are more than three in a pack. Second, they actually attack like wolves, rather than running up and stopping and biting. They actually do drive by attacks as the pack tried to swarm you. Also, they look and move far more realistically.

    3. Character development is far superior. Granted, Skyrim isn’t as plot driven in terms of the user avatar since you create it yourself, but the backstory for Geralt is extremely deep. Choices you make affect the world in a much more living way. In fact I would sum this up by saying things feel genuinely alive in the Witcher.

    4. Melee combat is VASTLY superior. As mentioned above, you can roll away to dodge, or a quick sidestep dodge, you can repost and counter attack, the animations for attacks are more interesting, etc.

    5. Distant mountains and trees are freaking gorgeous. With Skyrim in the day I really needed static depth of field to keep me from seeing the horrible details of the tees and mountains. With the Witcher and its dynamic depth of field, when you look at something far away it looks real and beautiful. The trees tussling in the wind is such a great ambient touch too.

    So far the only “flaw” I have is that the nights are very bright, but that is lore friendly for the game, since Witchers are supposed to mutants with cat like eyes that can see in vey dim light. Still, I didn’t like it, so I got a mod that lets you set the darkness. I have only two mods: the darker nights and a lighting mod that improves a few minor things. I haven’t needed any other mods, nor do I think I’ll need many more. 10/10

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