Deus Ex is a series known for touching and handing potentially taboo topics well; so the next installment in the series Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be just as fearless with it’s handling of the topic of social segregation.

However it was revealed by game director Jean-Francois Dugas from Eidos Montreal, the game’s developer, that fans should not expect them to ever directly touch religion as as topic.

In an interview with the GamesMaster magazine he told them that the “”One thing that we never touch on from the front is religion,”.

Dugas then went into more detail to explain that the topic of religion is “too sensitive” and that’s the reason why they’ve tried to focus on keeping the views of the game relatively agnostic.

“We also don’t want to be offensive in any way, or tackle something we don’t really understand ourselves.”

So instead of placing any focus onto the religious affects of transhumanism Eidos Montreal decided to go the route of tackling “what it does for human beings regardless of your beliefs”.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is not afraid to ask difficult questions however there is one the game will probably never touch and will avoid as much as possible.

Eidos Montreal revealed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided earlier this year on Twitch and presented it at E3 along with more details on the game such as the possibility of ghosting the entire game without needing to kill. The game will be released next year and will be available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

  • Jai

    What a crock of shit. So once again religion gets a free pass. We can question atheist ideologies and risk offending people until we’re blue in the face, but theists can rest assured they will never be criticised or have their ideologies questioned. Because their FEELINGS are more important than everyone else’s.

    And don’t give me that crap about not wanting to ‘offend’ anyone; you don’t want to have your heads cut off by religious fanatics. THAT’S why you won’t touch religion. Be honest.

    I love Deus Ex but this really makes me lose respect for Eidos Montreal. STOP giving religion, and religious people, a free pass. If you’re going to criticise a whole bunch of ideologies, you should be prepared to criticise religious ones, and if you’re going to comment on non-religious people for their beliefs, you should comment on the religious people and THEIR beliefs.

    Or is Jean-Francois Dugas and/or the other bigwigs at Eidos Montreal religious people themselves, and so that’s why they don’t want to ‘touch religion’. Quite prepared to comment on other people and their beliefs, but because they are religious they put religion beyond the bounds of criticism. Ugh.

    I am so sick of theists and the special treatment they get.

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