I think it has to be a great game if you’re going to go to the trouble of re-mastering. I can’t talk specifically, but I think it’s very likely there’ll be more of this sort of thing.”

That’s what PlayStation Europe president Jim Ryan said while discussing the likelihood of additional Playstation 3 games being remastered for the PlayStation 4 in the future. Massive titles from the PS3 era have already been done, such as God of War III, Journey, The Last of Us, and soon to be the Uncharted collection. Yet, like it or not, Ryan claims more are undoubtedly on their way. Which games from the era deserve to be remastered?



We’re always touting about how many gamers have moved from Xbox 360 to the PS4 this generation, resulting in many of those who made the switch having missed out on some of the fundamental titles of the PS3 era that led to great PS4 games, InFamous being one of the first to come to mind. An InFamous collection featuring the first game and its sequel would bring Cole McGrath to the PS4, allowing those who played as Delsin Rowe in Second Son to take a swing at where the series got its start.



Three iterations of the shooter series launched on the PS3 to positive reactions from fans and critics alike, and while developer Insomniac Games is busy bringing another of their key franchises to Sony’s latest platform, an outside studio porting a collection of the main entries in this first-person shooter series could attract an audience who failed to experience the series’ alternate historical setting.

Kingdom Hearts


While the two main Kingdom Hearts titles are technically PlayStation 2 titles, their HD releases on PlayStation 3 mean they could be remastered for the PS4, and people are certainly pining for them. While there’s undoubtedly enough of an audience who may simply be willing to replay the games, it wouldn’t hurt to increase exposure to the series for the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 3, whenever that will be.

Twisted Metal


There’s clearly still a soft spot for Sweet Tooth – his vehicle is available as an unlockable in Rocket League and will be a customizable head when Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 arrives on PS4, and players have been crossing their fingers that the car combat series gets a new entry this generation, but until it does, a remaster of the PS3 title may quench that thirst, at least for a little while.

So, what games do you want to see make the leap from PS3 to PS4? Let us know below – and remember, none is also an acceptable answer. Maybe not to Sony, but maybe to you.

  • YuriFan

    Hey Sony. If you are going to remaster your games then remaster you PS1&2 games. If people want a PS3 game then they should just buy a PS3, they are still selling them.
    Or at least allow for Backwards compatibility.

    • agreed, plus at least if it’s a PS2 remaster then there will be the appeal of having it in HD for the first time… backwards compatibility probably is never coming though…

  • Onimusha please and maybe throw in a Suikoden collection. Also, would be nice to get some old PS1 games remade like the first two Parasite Eve’s, Dino Crisis and the original Silent Hill. Been waiting on a Vagrant Story sequel for ages….

  • John Nemesh

    They need a Wipeout game on PS4! I wouldnt care if it was a remaster of the last one, either!

  • Hasse Pettersson

    DEAD SPACE 1-3 in one pack! Batman 1-2 in one pack! Forgot some games: Alundra, early MoH games, Castlevania – symphony of the night, Dino crisis 1-2, Suikoden 1-2, Silent Hill, Legazy of Kain – blood omen. Most likely gonna remember some more games in the future.

  • DevilDogA99

    The reason they redo last gen on next gen is simply because they can use almost all the properties from last gen. Which equals cheap easy games, that equal lots of money with little risk. Ps1 & PS2 games they can’t reuse any of the properties.

  • Agent HUNK

    dead space 1-3, mgs4 and rising, resident evil 4-6, the force unleashed 1/2, batman games in one pack!!, crysis 1-3

  • Agent HUNK

    if they could do a games from ps3 id want predator concrete jungle and dmc 1-3

  • Martin Steele

    Any of the E.A. skate games, as it doesn’t look like a new one is going to be made.

  • Deadred

    Yay more remasters! Who needs new games when we have the same old ones over and over.

  • BucksIn6

    Not specific to the PS4 really, but I would love to see a remaster of the Mass Effect series!

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