Jimmy Kimmel hasn’t been a very popular figure in the eyes of the gaming world as of late. After making inflammatory comments about the nature of Lets Plays and streaming, Kimmel’s not done. The comedian recently published a video in which he reads the responses of the gaming community to his comments. It’s not pretty.

The comments are overwhelmingly negative. Ranging from mildly chastising to one users diatribe of “die, die, die, die…”, it’s clear that gamers are angry with the late night talk show host. Though many gamers forget that, as a talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel’s job is to say sometimes controversial things. “I love making people mad”, he gleefully told his audience.

Kimmel admitted that he’d be more than happy to sit down with people from the gaming community and see if they can convince him that watching someone else play a game is fun, but he jokes that if it doesn’t work he’ll “shut down Twitch, I will shut down Youtube Gaming”.

  • Cassie Devereaux

    Some gamers are dead set on maintaining an image of immature, insecure, anti-social rage. A dude poking fun at something you enjoy doesn’t merit anything more than a shrug. Even if he has a late night talk show. Who cares if he doesn’t understand why I enjoy something? No skin off my ass.

  • Frank Atkisson

    O’noez, Jimmy… Rustled some jimmies!

    As a gamer, I’d like to say… Idgaf.

    I really, really don’t.

    Jimmy’s fine. Stop being bitches because he made fun of something.

    Might not have noticed, but that’s what comedians do.

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