Before the current generation of consoles began there were question marks about whether or not physical media would remain as part of the industry. Microsoft had originally planned to ditch the discs and opt for a digital-only approach but had to retract that vision, among others, in order to satisfy demand from gamers who weren’t ready to do away with their discs just yet.

Well it looks like we’ll have to enjoy our discs while they last because they’re likely to be banished for good in the next generation of consoles, if an ex-Microsoft employee is to be believed. Speaking to GeekWire, Robbie Bach – Former president of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division – stated that next-gen consoles will “probably not” incorporate physical media.

“Does it have a physical media? Probably not, so how does that look? Is it just a game box or is it more? What’s the balance between what an Apple TV is and what an Xbox or a PlayStation 4 is? These are really interesting questions, and the teams going to have to wrestle with those. That next generation will be a whole new game.”

What do you make of Bach’s comments and are you prepared to do away with your discs just yet? Some want discs to stay for sentimental value, others for financial reasons. Either way, it’s not looking good for either parties.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    They will not do away with it unless media habits change dramatically within the next 10 years or so. I see upgrades to Blu-Ray but not outright death. While a single supply chain is appealing to Microsoft they will not be able to do away with physical media because as a value add anyone can play a Blu-Ray movie and even in 10 years time those will still be around.

    • TheChosen

      NX has allready RUMOURS going on, that NX will a) Not be able to use BC to Wii/WiiU-games.

      and b) Its a Download-Only-box for Nintendo-own games. Meaning: You want to play those games? Download them => But: It will still offer chips you can use for the games, chips like 3DS uses them. So it will have chips-support. But discs? NOPE.

      Disc-Time is over in 2017/2020.

      • Dirkster_Dude

        Disc-Time is over = I doubt it. Kind of the same thing when Microsoft said XB1 requires KINECT and an Always on-line connection. If there is a reason to keep it and people want it it will happen. Nintendo might be able to get away with it because they are really only competing with themselves at this point.

      • S-JAY

        NX – nintendo next home console is coming in 2017…and it will rival PS4 & XB1 w.r.t. power (making it the wii or wii u of next gen gaming). Games target will be 1080p60. Games data will be around 50GB mark on average.

        So it makes sense to build a disc less console by 2017 internet speeds will be higher than today so nintendo going disc less makes sense.

        But that will not be the case for PS5 and XB4 (as their target res for games will be [email protected]). They will be required to support an optical media for large amounts of data presumably Bluray successor (Archival Disc) considering 100’s GBs of data per game. Only if theres a breakthrough in internet (becoming super fast and mainstream across the globe)

  • Bryan King

    Microsoft will keep trying to push their anti-consumer crap on gamers. I hope they get utterly destroyed in this industry.Teach them a lesson.

    • TheChosen

      You are Reall STUPID if you think only Microsoft wants Online-only.

      And with that i mean what i said, dumbass.

      it was not MICROSOFTS decision to push MS to make a Download-Only-Box.

      it was EA + Ubisoft + Activion who pushed MS to do that.

      But when they saw how it all BACKFIRED- thanks to some sonyponies and some you know what i mean…they just jumped ship and forgot that MS still has it implemented.

      But EA said in 2010 “In a few years we will be a 100% digital-only company. And we cannot await that day to come soon enough.”

      Go search for it, dumbass.

      You are clearly retarded if you think its MS choice here. It will be coming for ALL consoles.

      Nintendo allready made it ship through, that NX won`T be a physical box like you had it lately.

      It will be fucking CHEAP. And that means => no more discs, but chips. You will have to pay MORE for your games.

      Since Sony/Ms cannot USE Chips like Nintendo does (since they don`t produce them on their own, they would have to use cheap SD-cards or other crap like that)- they will completely jump the ship and go 100% digital only.


      • Bryan King

        Oh dear, lost your cool did you? Calling me “retarded”, “stupid” and a “dumb-ass” does’t make you right. In fact, you have made yourself sound like an ignorant moron… I don’t know where you live but gaming is a world wide thing, people play in farm houses in Brazil, remote palaces in the Middle east and in country-side village’s around Europe where the internet is poor or non-existent. It is obvious that you have not lived long or have lived a very sheltered life, which has resulted in a very narrow view of the world. You dear fellow are the very reason why many associate Xbox with immaturity, aggression and “Shooter”. To me you represent the scummiest part of the gaming community….

      • Jecht_Sin

        Why would Sony need to produce chips (for the physical media?) when it is one of the owners of the Blu Ray standard? The Blu Ray is going to stay there. next holiday there will even be the introduction of Ultra HD BR players. Not that more BR capacity is really needed on consoles, they could always do the installation of larger games using multiple discs..

        Oh, BTW I agree with Bryan King. I’ve never seen so much drivel in a single post. :p

  • BinaryMind

    It says “ex-Microsoft exec”, leading me to believe that he was probably also one of those idiots who also thought all those original “forward-thinking” changes for Xbox One were a good idea.

    • TheChosen

      I repeat it for you too:

      But EA said in 2010 “In a few years we will be a 100% digital-only company. And we cannot await that day to come soon enough.”

      its not only Microsoft which wants that, its EVERYONE. You cannot play the newest Need for Speed without online 😉

    • ShowanW

      robbie bach was gone from microsoft well before xbox one’s launch… he was gone before R&D for the One even began…
      please know what your talking about before making comments… not a good look..

      • BinaryMind

        That makes little difference. Or can you say with certainty R&D didn’t start until 2011? If it did it would be likely those discussions would have happened early on.

        • ShowanW

          just listen to gamertag radio podcast… he did an interview on their show…

  • S-JAY

    Archival Disc (Bluray successor) is the future when games data will be in triple figures (hundred GBs of data). Current games are exceeding 50GB mark and in 2-3 years time they surely break 100GB considering 4K res will be mainstream by then..

    so expect PS5 and XB4 to incorporate AD Players in 2018!

    The internet still has many flaws (very high bandwidths will be required for 4K content) and is not accessible in all the parts of the globe (long way to go)

    • ..

      Considering 1080p is still far from standard. Unless it’s compressed which the average person doesn’t seem to care. People could care less about bluray they watch netflix and other VoD.

      I don’t think 4k disc media is going to take off. I just don’t feel enough people care. 4k is just a gimmick to sell tv’s, nobody uses it correctly.
      This coming from a guy who gets at least 2 blurays a week from Amazon. I can easily see the quality difference.I also instantly convert them to full quality rips to stream to which ever room in my house. If I could get the same quality from the a VoD service I would.

  • tplarkin7

    I ditched disc media during the 360 era. Everyone else is behind the times.

  • Brogan Cordova

    If this is true, then Microsoft did not learn their lesson.
    If they think this will actually happen, the exact same idea reversal that happened in summer 2013 will happen again.
    Some people are STILL mad that they even tried it. And that would definitely be me.

  • ShowanW

    looking at these comments… you can tell that there are some people who just dont bother to read nor do research…
    just look at the title of the article and then post an ignorant comment…
    Robbie Bach left Microsoft years ago… There has been Peter Moore, Don Mattrick, and Phil Spencer since then…

  • dapaintrain

    I can see it happening but the first console to do it will probably lose that generation

  • Jecht_Sin

    Oh yeah. I really wish that the next Xbox, and Xbox only, won’t have a physical media. Go only digital MS! And good riddance! lol

  • “Ex-Microsoft Exec: “Next Gen Consoles Will Probably Not Have Disc Drives”
    Me: “Then I probably won’t buy one. I’ll go back to playing games on my computer.”

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