Stephen King’s works have been gracing screens for years, but perhaps his most famous work, the Dark Tower series, has only recently made movie buzz. Recently it was reported that Matthew McConaughey could be playing playing series villain Walter. Now it seems Idris Elba (of Pacific Rim fame) is in talks for the role of Roland Deschain, the gunslinger.

While there hasn’t been any official signing, producers at Sony say that Elba is their first choice for the role of the gunslinger. The film is currently slated for a January 13, 2017 release, directed by Nikolaj Arcel. Sony’s long term goal is to build a franchise of films and other media.

The Dark Tower is a massive epic, encompassing 8 novels and taking 30 years to write completely. The novels are famous for their blending of themes and genres from all across literature.

  • Patrick Garman

    I love this actor, but don’t feel he is right for this role. Mostly because of The Lady of Shadows/Detta Susannah Walker/Odetta Susannah Holmes’s verbal banter with the “skinny white boy”. I feel that a lot of the development and fading of racial tensions between the characters would be greatly impacted by this selection. I do feel that Eddie Dean would be played very well by Aaron Paul. He has already expressed interest in the role and would be a great casting choice. Unfortunately, Roland is much harder to cast.

  • Jim Bronaugh

    If they are going to go that route and make a different story and call it the ‘gunslinger’ then they need to make Roland a black (they can cast a black man in the role) lesbian who travels through the slums of American cities fighting racial injustice and creating jobs programs for minority gang members. Susan Delgado can be changed to a Doberman that she loved and lost and the ‘world’ would be the world we know, not some of that fake ‘scifi’ crap that the goofy nerds seem to like. Get rid of that other dimensional aspect and give us a raw human drama of social injustice and the tales of people who fight against the restraints of modern society. and get rid of that name Roland call her ‘sister justice’ or some other white created ghetto sounding name.

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