The bakers at Bossa Studios have another loaf out of the oven with the reveal of a new game mode and new area for their title I am Bread.

The game sees players take on the role of a slice of bread aiming to become toast through any means necessary.  It consists of puzzle and platforming mechanics to make for quite a challenge.  Never before have we appreciated toast so much.

The new area takes players from the safe confines of within a house and places their little slice of goodness outside in the real world.  It’s time to think on your crusts to become toast as all manner of outdoor obstacles stand in your way of becoming that delicious crispy toast.  Not quite sure where we’ll get our butter and jam from yet though.

Cheese Hunt is the new game mode and sees the oven doors open to a new slice of bread, Crispbread.  Crispbread’s goal is to collect the cheese scattered throughout the level as quickly as they can.  Of course this isn’t without it’s challenges.  Replacing edibility is durability which sees the more brittle Crispbread lose durability for any hard hit it takes.

These will be the first in a series of fortnightly updates for I am Bread, which will be free for anyone who has purchased the game and those may in the future too.

Got the game?  Or perhaps thinking about getting it?  Let us know your experiences of becoming toast in the comments below.

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