Microsoft has unveiled a brand new game developer studio they’ve launched, Decisive Games, who is setting out to revitalize a classic RTS franchise. The studio is also looking to bring in new talent to “Be part of Microsoft Game Studios, and help [it] create the next-generation of awesome games for Windows and Xbox!”

More specifically, they’re looking for someone who has experience in strategy game development. If you’re interested in applying, the requirements include:

  • 4+ years of C++ programming experience
  • 2+ years designing and implementing large scale client/server systems
  • Distributed computing and clustering, multithreading and network security experience
  • Experience with web development frameworks
  • The ability to write good coding
  • Experience with Windows platform APIs and toolsets

One could only guess what Decisive Games is looking to hire for, as their goal is to “bring the next installment in a beloved strategy game franchise.” My hope is that they’re working on another Age of Empires title, or a new Halo Wars. Let us know in the comments below which game you think the new studio may be working on!

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