Sony has announced that their upcoming PlayStation Now subscription service will launch in North America on January 13 on PS4 and cost $20 per month. The program gives customers access to more than 100 PlayStation 3 games, which will later be able to be streamed across all Sony devices including Smart TVs, Sony Xperia smartphones, PS Vita, and the PS3.

There will be two ways to subscribe, customers can pay the aforementioned $20 per month fee, or can instead opt to pay $45 per quarter (every three months). Both options unlock unlimited access to the full library of PlayStation 3 games available to stream.

PlayStation Now is already out, but there is no subscription option and players are being asked to pay up to $30 for ninety-day subscriptions to each game.

Sony has not revealed when the service will come to Europe and the rest of the globe, but did mention there will be a one-week free trial to mark the launch for those in North America.


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