That plane in the sky could be holding the amiibo you’re missing.

Earlier this week, Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata said that a port strike on the West Coast could be affecting the ability of retailers to keep products such as amiibo and the New Nintendo 3DS XL in stock in America, but the company has means of shipping products in other ways. Iwata said:

For the last six months, labor negotiations on the West Coast of the United States have made getting goods to shore slow, as the amount of berths open are lower than usual and therefore the harbors are congested. Many of the goods sent to the U.S. have still not arrived to their destinations. However, this has had little effect on Amiibo and software sales as they’re light enough that we can ship by air if we have to.

Contract negotiations for dock workers have stalled recently at West Coast seaports, and Iwata told investors he believes sales for Nintendo could be even better if the conflict was resolved.

Sales for the New 3DS and amiibo were revealed to be rather large at Nintendo’s investor meeting last week.

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