Battlefield Hardline will be the first game in the series to focus on a topic other than military warfare, it will instead revolve around fighting crime in a cops vs criminals setting.  There are new Game Modes, Classes, and Weapons, but the base Battlefield touch is still there. There is large scale destruction, vehicle warfare, and team-based game play.

Hotwire is also going to be Battlefield hardline’s Signature Mode but as many Beta players complained the Driving Physics just aren’t good enough on a mode that basically depends on Driving.

As one of the most anticipated games delaying launch, then as they release their second beta it was surprising to see bugs such those causing stuttering, vehicles which get stuck into objects, direct x errors and last but not least FPS DROPS.

Also the fact that Battlefield Hardline being an AMD optimized game didn’t have MANTLE api support in BETA 2 was very disappointing, although the game is in beta such issues can be easily resolved in the proper game. Hopefully these issues do get resolved as soon as possible as no one wants it to be a total disappointment.

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