Battlefield Hardline‘s beta is currently in full swing, with gamers all over the world taking part in bank heists and high-speed chases through the streets of L.A. After only being out for a few days, however, players have already found easter eggs buried deep within the game, such as hidden reload animations.

These reloads are gems hidden within the rough and gritty backdrop that is a Battlefield game, and they range from Dead Space shout-outs to flicking bullets from one hand into a revolver. Check them out below.

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According to Battlefield Hardline‘s animation director, Tony Gialdini, (via Kotaku UK) the animations have a 1-in-10,000 chance of activating, and allegedly require an empty reload.

As well as some fancy reloads, Visceral included other hidden gems, such as players flipping the bird when spotting a cop, or shouting hilarious lines mid-combat.

These additions don’t necessarily add much to the gameplay, but it’s nice to know that Visceral had fun whilst developing Battlefield Hardline. It also shows that Battlefield Hardline may take itself less seriously than previous Battlefield titles, but we’ll have to wait until the full release to see how well that theme is realised.

It’s additions like these that make it fun for everyone playing. I’m hoping to see some more following the full release.

Featured image sourced via Gamespot.

Battlefield Hardline releases on March 17 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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