GTA V Fan Made Trailer

Trailers are most commonly used to promote some of the biggest and best features in an upcoming title, and the same can be said for Rockstar prior to the release of Grand Theft Auto V way back when. But whilst the official trailer was busy showing off all the new things that the fifth instalment in the series could do, a fan has gone out of their way to create a hilarious montage and perhaps a more accurate representation of the fun times you’ll have in Los Santos.

This fan-made ‘trailer’ – titled Once Upon a Time in Los Santos focuses more on the funny moments that players make for themselves when playing the game, capturing the true spirit of what makes GTA V the pinnacle of sandbox titles in 2015. In other words, Rockstar might provide you with a number of tools, but it’s how you use them that really makes this game special, as the video portrays. It’s also edited superbly, so check it out!


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