Picture if you will, intuitive Dark Souls-esque combat with fluid movements and precise attacks, with the amazing boss fights from Shadow of the Colossus; and what you have is White Rabbit’s offering to the gaming industry: Death’s Gambit.

White Rabbit is an up and coming indie game studio in Los Angeles, California and have been working on the game for two years!

The team has just put out a trailer showing a very fluid and succinct game that shows a lot of promise! The footage isn’t finalised but if it’s anything like this upon release or even better, than I’m very excited!

The art style looks incredible; very dynamic backgrounds, some slick attack animations, and a whole load of very unique looking monsters.

I am very much looking forward to this and will be keeping an eye on development for Death’s Gambit for the next few months to see the progress. The game will be showcased at PAX east. So for the people going to the event; definitely take a look at this game while you’re there!

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