Given its recent controversy over microtransactions and a pay-to-win mentality, Evolve is a strong game on the receiving end of immense scrutiny. It’s a breath of fresh air then, that developer Turtle Rock Studios will release all their DLC for free; the first set of which a developer is teasing already.

Taking to the Evolve forums, Turtle Rock Studios co-founder Chris Ashton stated that an entirely new game mode is in the works, as well as new maps that will integrate directly into Evacuation mode, complete with their own map effects.

Further, multiplayer ranking and a spectator mode will soon make their way into Evolve‘s online mode.

“We do have new maps incoming, which will plug into Evacuation mode with their own map effects, observer mode so a sixth player can spectate both teams, ranked play for more competitive gamers and hopefully an all new game mode, all for free in the future.”

In a separate forum, Ashton vaguely discussed the new maps and game mode, stating that they’re coming along well.

“The new maps are also beautiful and really different. The new game mode is still early but the initial response has been very positive. Observer mode is going to be a nice addition too.”

In related news, Ashton also mentioned that Turtle Rock Studios is working on a balancing update.

“We are working on the first balance update now and I’m sure it’ll be the focus of some controversy but I know everyone will be excited to dig in and see how the game changes with update.”

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