In a move long-anticipated by multiplayer fans of the Halo series, 343 Industries have today introduced two game modes into Halo: The Master Chief Collection‘s matchmaking playlists: Team Snipers, and Rumble Pit.

Both game modes are favourites from the franchise, so it makes sense that 343 would add them in sooner or later. Team Snipers will temporarily replace SWAT as the featured playlist, while Rumble Pit will replace Halo 2: Anniversary Rumble as a cross-game playlist. According to the official Halo Twitter account, the game modes are available immediately.

According to the weekly bulletin, 343 are putting the final touches on an objective-only playlist, which would be a huge welcome for those more inclined towards ‘tactical’ team play.

Not only that, but they announced that Certain Affinity had begun development on Relic, the next multiplayer map to feature the Halo 2: Anniversary remaster. Keep an eye out for both of these to drop some time in the near future.

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