Ready your monitors, Oceania, because the League of Legends pro scene is coming!

The current teams are Avant Garde, Legacy, Chiefs and Dire Wolves and the top 4 survivors of the 5v5 Challenger series will have the chance to go against them. The games will be held on Mondays and Thursdays, casted by Pastrytime, Atlus, Spawn and Papasmithy on their Twitch channel.

Whichever team emerges victorious from this year’s Spring Split will go to Turkey for the International Wildcard Invitational, where they could move on and have the chance to go against the best of the best from NA LCS, EU LCS, China’s LPL, Korea’s LCK and Taiwan’s LMS.

The victor for Split 2 will then represent Oceania in the Wildcard Qualifier for a place at Worlds, which will be held in Europe in October of this year (locations yet to be revealed).

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