Some icy screens have emerged of the latest chapter of the episodic Game of Thrones game being done by Telltale Games.

The screens show characters from the previous chapter in a number of locations including beyond the Wall, Essos and right back in good old fashioned Westeros.

The game follows the characters tied to a house formerly allied with the Starks of Winterfell, House Forrester.  The game uses multiple perspectives, much like the show and book series it is based off, to tell its story.

We already know that Episode 2:  The Lost Lords will be released on February 3rd on PC, Mac, PS3 and PS4,.  The Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners will be waiting an added day to pick up the next episode on February 4th, and finally iOS and Android owners can nab themselves the episode on February 5th.

Stay tuned to Gamespresso and we’ll have a review up for you tomorrow.

What did you think of Episode One?  Are you a die hard book fan and can’t stand deviations from the source material?  Let us know in the comments below.

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