If there’s one game that’s been subject to an incredibly number of leaks ahead of time, it’s Destiny, which is even more surprising given Bungie’s history for secrecy and surprises. Ahead of the House of Wolves expansion pack in May, someone has found and leaked images allegedly showing off new Crucible game modes and their respective release dates – interestingly, they’re all supposedly due for release before the House of Wolves drops.

Thanks to Reddit user Megamanexe4, we can have a look at some incredibly legitimate images showing off game modes like ‘Inferno Control’, and ‘Inferno Salvage’, plus their respective release dates (according to Megaman).

Inferno Clash

Inferno Clash 1

Inferno clash 2

Inferno Control

Inferno control 1

Inferno control 2

Inferno Salvage

Inferno Salvage

It’s unclear at the moment what the term ‘Inferno’ denotes in terms of how the gameplay will change from mode-to-mode, but at this stage we’re still treating these images as a rumour until an official Bungie announcement.

According to Megaman, these are the release dates for each mode:

Inferno Clash – March 3rd

Doubles Skirmish and Iron Banner – March 17th

Inferno Control and Combined Arms – March 31st

Inferno Salvage – Unknown

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