Today, in a post on the PlayStation Blog, developer Neptune Interactive unveiled their new game, The Castle Game, coming exclusively to PS4 in “the next few months.”

Described as a “single-player strategy defense game,” inspired by the epics of fantasy art like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Warcraft, players are tasked to “build your fortress using a variety of medieval weaponry,” with “archers, knights, sorceresses, catapults, traps, and more are at your service in your fight against the minions of evil.”

Ayngaran Vamatheva, the author of the post, goes on to discuss the streamlining of RTS mechanics onto a console controller, promising a “slick and natural feel.”

Though not mentioning it in the original post, in response to multiple questions in the comments in regards to a PS Vita version, Vamatheva says they have “no plans at this time. We’re a small team focusing on the PS4 first, but we might think about Vita later.”

To see the art style, reminiscent of the original warcraft games, in action, and to see for yourself if the fortress building looks as slick as the developer says, check out the announcement trailer below.


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