Classic point and click adventurers may remember an old classic game called Clock Tower on the SNES; where you escape from a dangerous scissor-wielding psychopath. I still remember the utter dread of encountering the creature, and I still remember the endless fear of being caught out and killed.

Well good news! The game is having a demonic spiritual successor by Nude Maker, lead by Hifumi Kono who was the lead director for the Clock Tower series. The game was called Project Scissor for a while until it was revealed that the final name will be ‘Night Cry’. In the game you’ll be playing as a woman terrorised on a cruise ship by a mysterious immortal creature known as the Scissorwalker and must find a way to escape. With multiple endings depending on who lives and who dies, the game looks extremely promising!

The kickstarter had just ended, and the team managed to hit their goal of $300,000. The game will be released on the PC with a release date to be announced later down the line. Could this be the revival to survival horror that many games have been trying to bring back? I sure hope so! Let us know what you think about the game! For now; here’s the release trailer!

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