Update: The demo is now available for download.

Original story follows…

If you’re looking forward to Microsoft’s upcoming roller-coaster ‘sim’, ScreamRide, then look no further – Microsoft is releasing a free demo in a few hours (midnight in the US) for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, according to Xbox Wire.

For a new and zany IP, ScreamRide hasn’t had as much hype generated behind it as other recent releases on Microsoft’s platforms. That being said, they’ve released a brand new launch trailer, which you can view below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLW6sI5YDH4]

According to Xbox Wire, the demo includes each of the three career modes (Engineer, Demolition Expert, or ScreamRider), and the full game will include 50 levels and a “robust level creation editor”.

Alongside the demo releasing, digital pre-order and pre-download both go live at midnight tonight.

ScreamRide releases on March 3rd for Xbox One and Xbox 360

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