New DLC tracks are out today for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call all of which are priced at $0.99 so fans can look forward to diving back in and if that’s not enough more tracks are said to be coming March 5, 2015.

Available Today:
Battle Music Sequence (BMS)

  • “Frog’s Theme” (CHRONO TRIGGER)
  • “The Dawn Warriors” (FINAL FANTASY® V)
  • “Vamo’alla flamenco” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
  • “Nemesis” (FINAL FANTASY XIV)
  • “Misgestalt” (SaGa Frontier® 2)
  •  “Swivel” (Seiken Densetsu 3)
  • “The Conflict” (Romancing SaGa®)
  • “The Ultimate Confrontation” (Romancing SaGa)
  • “Megalomania” (Live A Live™)

Field Music Sequence (FMS)

  • “Echoes of the Spiral” (LEGEND OF MANA®)
  • “Kainé / Salvation” (NieR Replicant & NieR Gestalt)
  • “Song of the Ancients / Devola” (NieR Replicant & NieR Gestalt)

This is one game that seemed really cool that completely passed me by which is unfortunate because I need more games in the vain of Elite Beat Agents in my life.

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