Early this week Nielsen, the consumer research firm, released a note on their findings from a study done recently on the purchasing habits of those taking the dive into the new generation of consoles, asking both for the reasoning behind the new purchases and the gaming histories of those grabbing the new hardware.

As you’d expect, those picking up an Xbox One and WiiU are more likely to have owned an Xbox 360 and Wii, respectively. And, gamers, across the board, usually have owned at least one last-gen console. Where it gets interesting is the fact that for those grabbing a PS4, only 66% own a PS3, while 59% said they own an Xbox 360. To compare, only 44% of those getting an Xbox One own a PS3.

As for why gamers pick each console, those buying a PS4 listed better resolution, the blu-ray player, and the game library, while those getting an Xbox One said it was because of the brand, the innovative features, and faster processing power.

At the same time, off in a seemingly more pleasant corner, those buying a WiiU said it was because of the ‘fun-factor,’ the fact it is better for kids, and the price/value.

Have you made the new-gen plunge yet? If you have, let us know why in the comments. If you haven’t, what might be the thing that convinces you?


image courtesy of https://ry-spirit.deviantart.com/art/Make-Love-Not-Console-Wars-434698602


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