Bohemia Interactive have announced the official release for the ARMA 3 “Marksmen” downloadable content pack.  Marksmen has set its sights on an April 8th launch date.

The Marksmen DLC is looking to build upon the already massive infantry experience in ARMA 3 by adding in new premium weapons, attachments, and gear.

On top of this DLC Bohemia will also be adding in a major platform update to address issues and add in multiple new features, as well as improving some existing ones.  Some of these include: a new multiplayer mode, training courses and showcase scenario, plus several much-anticipated platform features related to weapon handling and sound.

The hardware side of Marksmen will see several new guns added into the game.  Five of these are marksmen rifles.  The Cyrus 9.3 mm, MAR-10 .338,Mk-I EMR 7.62 mm, Mk14 7.62 mm, and ASP-1 Kir are these such weapons. The other two weapons are the SPMG .338 and Navid 9.3 mm medium machine guns.   All of these will be complemented by the AMS and Kahlia medium range scopes.

Additionally the Marksmen DLC will add new ghillie suits for the NATO, CSAT, and AAF factions, which will provide camouflage for the terrain types.

Furthermore we will also see the addition of two remote desiccators which can be used to designate targets from a range.  For those wanting to improve their shooting skills there’s the shooting range with new marksmen challenges, and some new marksmen scenarios for players to embark on to test their aim.

Generally speaking Marksmen is looking to redefine exactly what it means to fire a weapon as an infantryman in ARMA 3.  This, along with the major platform update, will hopefully achieve its goal.  Aiding the Marksmen DLC in this will be the additional weapon attachments the platform update will be providing along with new face paints and new ballistic protection.

The major platform update will be free to everyone who owns ARMA 3.

Are you a fan of the ARMA series?  Do you snipe until the cows come home?  Let us know in the comments below.

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