With Bloodborne coming out so soon on the PlayStation 4; excitement has hit peak for fans of From Software’s award winning series Dark Souls. As release day comes closer, news has come out suggesting there will be a day 1 patch for Bloodborne that seeks to fix performance issues, bugs and adds online functionality. It is suggested that this patch will be an alarming 3 GB.

There has been many games that have been doing day 1 patches including Medal of Honor, Titanfall, The Last of Us, Infamous: Second Son and loads more. It’s become a lot more prevalent and there have been a lot of controversy involving this: consumers asking why doesn’t the game come with the patch already? And most of the time they are features that didn’t get implemented before the copies could start being distributed. For Bloodborne, having an astounding 3 GB patch causes a bit of concern for how much performance needed to be stabilised in the game.

I’m really looking forward to Bloodborne, and how this patch really does polish the game more and make the patch totally necessary. Bloodborne comes out March 24th, 2015 exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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