An early Kickstarter success, managing to raise 3.45 million dollars in only a month, Broken Age is a point and click adventure game from game developer legend Tim Schafer and his company Double Fine Productions. Split into two acts, Act 1 released over a year ago in January of 2014 on Mac/PC.  And now Act 2 finally has a release date: April 28th.  Along with the good news, it was also announced, via a post on the PlayStation Blog, that April 28th will mark the full game (Act 1 and 2) coming to PS4 and PS Vita.

For those unfamiliar with Tim Schafer or his work, he was one of the developers behind the applauded Grim Fandango, which saw a remastered release on PlayStation platforms earlier this year. Broken Age falls in the same adventure game genre, a genre largely made popular again by he most recent Telltale games.

Following two teenagers, Shay (Elijah Wood) and Vella (Masasa Moyo), Broken Age tells the beautifully written story of these two as they live seemingly disconnected, yet parallel lives, each trying to break away from the traditions they find so trapping.

brokenagefebAct 1 released to highly positive reviews, Polygon calling it “delightful, beautiful,” and “utterly charming,” and Destructoid proclaiming, “I haven’t felt this surge of nostalgia and excitement about a game in a long time.”

Are you excited for Act 2? Will you be getting it on PS4? Let us know in the comments.

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