Thanks to the latest Destiny update, Bungie is introducing a lot of fixes and features fans have asked for for a long time, such as the infamous Heavy Ammo glitch and moving gear to the Vault via the Destiny app or Now, Bungie has revealed its developers are jumping straight into addressing more fan concerns, starting with expanding Vault space.

In the latest weekly update, DeeJ expanded on what Bungie is looking at improving over the coming months in Destiny. Specifically, he states that the updates are specifically chosen from hot topics players discuss in forums. This ensures that Bungie delivers updates that directly benefit the players.

Among these topics is Vault space, which is one of the biggest features fans have asked for since the game launched late last year. While for some it’s a non-issue, many players find they have far too much gear for their Vault, which is shared across all three characters, and end up having to delete a chunk of useful gear.

Here’s a list of features Bungie is looking at addressing in update 1.1.2:

  • Vault Space – We know you need more space to collect all the treasures you gain from your missions, and more gear is on the way.
  • Raid Fixes – There are times when Atheon and Crota can be uncooperative, so we’re tackling their worst bugs.
  • Audio and Visual – Not everyone wants to see or hear a game the same way, which is why we’re looking at providing more options.
  • PVP Ammunition – The Crucible team wants to change the way ammo crates dictate the flow of a battle.
  • Strikes – The numbers tell us that there are some missions that are successfully completed far less than others, inspiring us to look at why people quit.

Adding Vault space is a big improvement for a lot of players, so it will be interesting to see how Bungie addresses the issue, and what improvements they put in place.

At this stage, it isn’t a sure thing, but DeeJ stated the team is confident in providing results.

“1.1.2 is still weeks away. That gives us plenty of time to delve into each point. We’ll talk about this again (starting next week).”

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