Capcom Japan’s thrown out this page to tease future content in the Monster Hunter franchise that may well be something to do with Monster Hunter 4, sequels or ports. One thing for sure however is that there will be an unveiling of something on May 31st at around 6pm UTC. The title on the page features what is either the Rathian or Rathalos which might allude to something related to Monster Hunter 4 (I hope so!) but then again I highly doubt it as it’s a pretty common creature in the series.

It’s not exactly out of the realms of announcing Monster Hunter 5 as Japan has had Monster Hunter 4 for roughly 2 years now. It could very well be Monster Hunter Frontier 2 which I wouldn’t oppose to at all! For now, we can only speculate and hope for something extremely awesome to be announced by Capcom.

What do you reckon it could be? I’m trying to figure out what it says on the page exactly but all I can pick out are dates and some katakana, if you can translate it, let us know below!

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