With the program shutting down near the end of this year and Nintendo is set to usher in the new mobile partnership including potentially a new system to succeed Club Nintendo; Nintendo of Europe has finally opened the floodgates for E-Shop titles to be purchasable using the Club Nintendo stars. The Club Nintendo stars is the currency that members can add into their Club Nintendo account with a card they received from a majority of Nintendo games. Much of which is left in their case since the rewards are usually quite lackluster.

Current list of games can be found on the Club Nintendo page for England. There’s also word that Club Nintendo Australia will follow suit; and I hope they do. There’s not many on the 3DS E-Shop that I’d like; I’d surely like to get Link’s Awakening and Dillon’s Rolling Western. The Wii U however is where it’s at with it’s amazing Game Boy Advance line up. I LOVED Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga and I am so hyped about Golden Sun! I just wish it was on the 3DS.

So what are you waiting for? Dust off your Club Nintendo star codes and whack them into your account! Get some games you’ve always wanted but never got around to; it’ll be the last time you’ll get to with the stars! Also, let us know what you pick up!

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