Less than a week after Toad and the rest of the Super Mario gang were released in their newest amiibo forms, the world has taken to modifying the little guy like so many of the previous figurines have been. The Toad amiibo, which is utilized in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, is the only character from the group released that wasn’t in the Super Smash series. Here’s a chance to look at some of the newest custom Toad amiibo!

Toad, as happy and jolly as ever in his non-modified form, somehow looks even more adorable after being transformed into Captain Toad, who recently became the star of his own game late last year. With a knapsack and headlamp, Captain Toad is ready for adventure! Reddit user Gsusfreak posted his amazing creations to Reddit earlier this week.

OTNVztUThe entire Toad race is cute, so we wouldn’t want to leave out the rest of the family, would we? One user modified Toad to become Toadsworth. That mustache is amazing.

CAo_dbIUkAA7FvMIf we’re including Toadsworth, it would be criminal if we didn’t include Toadette. Reddit user ASh3r posted this adorable picture of a customized Toadette amiibo.

EKOPDVuThere are plenty more amiibo to come, which means more custom amiibo are on their way too! Share the coolest ones you’ve made or seen with us below!

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