The last few months of Destiny have been incredibly exciting in more ways than one. In-game, Bungie has issues a number of well-received updates, while planning many more; outside the game, however, things get really interesting.

Bungie has been locked head-to-head against Reddit’s Megamanexe4 for a while now, after he managed to data-mine Bungie’s game and use the information to successfully predict a number of events in the Destiny universe – such as Xur’s stock week-to-week and the following weeks’ Weekly Nightfall and Heroics.

Recently, however, Bungie fought back by getting technical on Megaman. They introduced a number of different Xur IPs that each led to a dead-end, so Megaman was unable to successfully predict the stock. Now, it seems as though this trend is continuing, and Bungie may have stopped Xur predictions altogether.

Taking to Reddit, Megaman explained that he can’t query for items in Xur’s inventory anymore – where he used to receive a ping back that enabled him to see a result for a given week, now it just gives the same result, which is this current week’s stock.

The two screenshots below are taken from March 27th and April 4th, respectively. Notice that nothing changes except for the Exotic Engram and some of the upgrades.

Destiny Xur Xur stock 2

What Bungie did to cause this is unclear at this stage – whether it’s Bungie controlling Xur directly, or due to server-side changes – but Megaman notes that if the results stay the same come next week and the week after, then predicting Xur’s stock ahead of time will be a thing of the past.

He also notes that if Bungie hasn’t changed Xur’s list, and it’s still the same as when he predicted it en masse earlier in the year, then Destiny players should expect to see MIDA Multi-Tool and Obsidian Mind next weekend – two fan-favorites – as well as Thunderlord on the 8th of May weekend.

Whether Bungie will decide to continue to closely monitor Xur’s stock, or if Megaman will be able to take a peek next week, let’s hope that those original three predictions remain true. Personally, I look forward to using all of them.

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