Bungie’s Destiny is notorious for its ridiculous player-driven challenges, such as soloing Raids or taking a Sparrow where no Sparrow should be allowed to go. With this in mind, a player undertook Destiny‘s latest Raid, Crota’s End, solo. While this is nothing new, the player managed to do it in an astonishing 16 minutes and 7 seconds.

With any challenge comes a horde of players vying to be the best; not for any particular reward, but just because they can. Many players decided to take on Destiny‘s Raids with increasingly ridiculous requirements – completing it in 16 minutes, however, is equally impressive and insane.

Crota’s End has five main sections: The Abyss, The Bridge, The Hallway, The DeathSinger, and finally Crota himself. While each section is capable of a solo run, using multiple ‘cheeses’ and shortcuts, it doesn’t always make them any less difficult (especially during the latter sections).

The player in question, known on Reddit as Slayerage, used a Bladedancer Hunter to great effect, taking advantage of its Blink and Super abilities. Check out the full video below.

Allegedly, Slayerage practiced for a good 10 hours straight before recording his fastest run. While it is on Normal, the run’s time is incredibly impressive, especially considering there are a number of occasions where Slayerage could have improved the time by a few seconds per encounter (such as Blinking off the rock during the opening section).

There are a few techniques in here that I hadn’t seen used before, such as using Blink while swinging the Sword in order to cross The Bridge without even activating it, or using Blink to skip a whole section of The Abyss at the start. I’ll be taking advantage of both those tricks next time I take on Crota’s End – not speed running, of course.

Slayerage is responsible for most of the ridiculous Destiny feats you see across the internet, such as running Vault of Glass with two people, or soloing Crota’s End on Hard Mode.

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