Destiny players are constantly setting themselves higher goals to hit in the game’s current content – goals Bungie didn’t always intend on encouraging. This includes taking Sparrows through Raids, launching themselves over the Hellmouth on the Moon, and speed-running missions. This brings us to the latest escapade players have constructed for themselves – one team has beaten the known record time for speed-running the Vault of Glass Raid, setting a new time of 26:40.

The team in question, Destiny-favorites Tier 1, provided multiple points of view of the run, showing off their Sparrow skills in the tunnels leading up to the Templar section and their quick trigger-fingers during combat.

It’s also worth noting that the team’s previous record was 27:40 – a full minute slower than their current time.

The whole video (of either perspective) is worth a watch if only to remain in awe at how one team can continuously beat their own records, or to learn how to hone your own skill as a Destiny Raider.

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