SteamVR has had it’s first game announcement and it probably isn’t what you were expecting. There has only been a 7 second teaser video and 3 images released so far to confirm the release of Job Simulator created by Owlchemy Labs; set in the not too distant future where the world’s less meaningful jobs have been handed down to robots and in order to remember the past days of menial jobs humans can simulate the jobs of the past. Images so far seem to hint towards service based jobs in restaurants and in bars or pubs.

The game is also due to be supported by the Occulus Rift also and is currently expected to be released towards the end of 2015 in the holiday season; there are been no hint or mention of a potentiality PC, Mac or Linux release and the official website confirms that this will be a virtual reality system only game. As the first game to be announced there is certainly going to be an eagerness for more information as followers of Valves’ SteamVR await for more release announcements and greater details for this game.

“All praise to Job Bot, for he is the keeper of human history.”

The official website for the game can be found here:


What are your thoughts on the first game announced for SteamVR or do you need more information to be released first?

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