Deep Silver are currently running a very interesting offer, whereby you can have your face scanned into the next Homefront game – Homefront The Revolution – and get paid £50 for the honor! It’s a win/win!

If you’re over the age of 18, make sure that you apply through Deep Silver’s head scan website which shows how the process will work and you could be heading over to the studio in Nottingham in order to have your beautiful face in the game on an NPC for all to see.

So what does the process consist of? As an attendee, you will be asked to “sit in front of our cameras and have a series of photos taken of your face while you make a set of expressions”. This process will apparently last around 30 minutes so make sure that you’re looking your best!

Now, Homefront The Revolution has been through a fairly bumpy production and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it falter in development again, but fear not! If by the off chance the next Homefront game doesn’t get released, your scanned face may also be used in “other future video games” from Deep Silver.

What’s not to like? Become a gaming celebrity and get paid, all while roaming the streets of Nottingham! Get on it.

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