GOG is currently giving away 30,00 copies of the 2013 remake of Rise of the Triad, it’s first come first served so be quick if you want to snag the FPS!

Rise of the Triad was initially released in 1995 and a remake was released in 2013, the game is still the same however and players can choose one of 5 characters to take down an evil cult known as the “Triad”. It’s an old school fps filled with the classic mindless shooting which was popular in FPS’s at the period of time it was initially released.

Assuming you’re quick enough you can get the game for free at gog.com.


On another note; the site is also having a fairly large sale for classic shooters including Unreal Tournament 2004 (£2 is a steal for this game), Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Adventure and Sin Gold. There are also plenty of other games currently on sale including classic EA titles such as Theme Hospital which was given away free on Origin a few months back, Theme Park, Sim City and Dungeon keeper. There are plenty of other games currently on sale also for those PC gamers who have gone into withdrawal with no Spring Steam sale hints being dropped. The sales are worth a look at least if you’ve been itching for some new games.

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