The latest entry to the esteemed Battlefield franchise, Hardline, is on average the lowest rated Battlefield game so far in regard to review scores.

At the time of writing, Battlefield Hardline has a score of 76 on PS4 on Metacritic – a figure well below that of Battlefield Bad Company 2 (88) and Battlefield 3 (89).

Notably, major publications such as Gamespot and Polygon awarded the game a 7/10, though naturally others have given it a more/less favorable review.

Hardline is a bit of a sidestep for a series that usually envelopes the military shooter sub-genre. Not only is Hardline a more “cops and robbers TV drama”, but the single player mode is also developed by Visceral Games of Dead Space fame, as opposed to series veterans DICE. Nevertheless, the new take on what had become rather stale, at least in single player, is personally a breath of fresh air.

However, unfortunately many critics feel that previous Battlefield games have done multiplayer better, and that the single player in Hardline is largely hit and miss.

Stay tuned to Gamespresso to find out our verdict later this week.


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