The newest Xbox One update is rolling out now for the month of March, and Microsoft claims it includes some of the most requested features by fans according to the Xbox Blog. So what can you expect when you update?

Screenshots are finally available in the new Xbox One update, simply by double tapping the Xbox button on the controller and pressing Y in order to save the shot taken. Screenshots taken can be easily managed in the Upload app, allowing them to be set as a background image, shared to Twitter, or placed in the OneDrive.

Looking for friends? By going to your friends, a list suggested friends for you to add will now appear!

Sharing your real name to your friends is now possible by going to  Friends – My profile – Name sharing settings. Your gamertag remains the main way to identify yourself and your friends, but sharing your real name can help others find you that may not know your gamertag.

Two new icons appear in party chat showing each player’s microphone status, one showing the Kinect is being used as the microphone, and a headset representing its use as a microphone.

The level of transparency available for tiled background images can now easily be adjusted in Settings – My Xbox – Tile Transparency.

Those utilizing voice search may be having their voice anonymously collected when searching on the Xbox One, but can now be altered in Settings – Privacy and online safety – Custom – Share voice search data, if you wish.

Messages received can now be reported as spam. When received, press A, select Report, and choose spam.

Additional TV updates for users in Australia arrive including support for OneGuide and the ability to purchase the Xbox Digital TV Tuner on the Microsoft store ahead of its March 25 release.

Make sure to update your Xbox, and let us know what you think of the newest update below!

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