In an upcoming update for Halo: Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries is introducing remastered version of classic map Relic, as well as Halo 3: ODST in its entirety. Today they showed off their progress in the form of a number of screenshots, and both of them look incredible.

Posted on Waypoint, the update thanks fans for providing extensive feedback on Master Chief Collection since launch, and reveals that a major content update is coming in April. It also states that 343 “wants fans playing and enjoying this collection for years“, and updates over the next few months will support that goal.

“Which brings me to Halo 3: ODST campaign and the Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer map of Relic. We’re really excited about how these are coming together to expand what Halo: The Master Chief Collection offers to fans.”

Offering ODST to fans as an apology is a great compensation – certainly not enough to make up for the botched launch, but absolutely better than nothing. ODST is considered by the community an under-appreciated gem, with its unique noir-style approach to the Halo universe, fresh variation on the traditional gameplay formula, and the characterisation of each squad member.

Relic is coming along nicely as well, with obvious differences in the terrain and environment between Halo 2 classic versus Anniversary. 343 states that testers and community teams are running daily play tests to ensure the map is ready to launch as soon as possible. When it’s closer to its completion, 343 will then discuss release dates and future content.





Halo 3 odst


Halo 2 relic 2




Halo 2 relic

Halo 2 relic 3

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